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VER® BEACH PRESS -JOURNAL <br />Published Weekly <br />i <br />Vero Beacht Indian River County, Florida <br />STATE OF FLORIDA <br />COUNTY OF INDIAN RIVER: <br />Before the undersigned authority personally appeared J. J. Schumann, who <br />on oath says that he is B$siness Manager of the Vero Beach Press -Journal, a weekly <br />newspaper published at Vero Beach in Indian River County, Florida; r h#lhe attached <br />copy of advertisement, being a <br />in the matter. of' <br />in the Court, was pub - <br />fished in said newspaper in the issues of <br />— -- —301S S� <br />Affiant further says that, the said Vero Beach Press -Journal is a newspaper published at <br />Vero.Beach, in said Indian River County, Florida, and that the said newspaper has heretofore <br />been continuously published In said Indian River County, Florida, weekly and has been entered <br />as;- second class mail matter at the post office in Vero Beach, in said'Indian River County, Florida, <br />for a period of one year next preceeding the first publication of the attached copy of advertisement; <br />and affiant further says that he has neither paid nor promised any person, firm or corporation <br />any discount, rebate, commission or refund for the purpose of securing this advertisement for <br />publication in the said newspaper. <br />Sworn to and subs <br />3 this ---- 0 <br />A. D., <br />(SEAL) <br />N OT -1 GE' <br />u ` Notice is hereby ,given, that the <br />Tax Assessor of .Indian River <br />Cowity, ,Florida, will meet with : he <br />Board of County.Commissioners at <br />the Clerk's Office 'in the Indian <br />River -.County Courthouse, Vero <br />Beach,.=Florida, at the hour of 11::00 <br />o'clwkIA. M., Friday, July' 15,195% <br />for the purpose" of 'hearing com- l <br />plaints and receiving, testimony' as I <br />.to the value of any property,, real <br />or'personal, as fixed by the CouuW <br />Ass"Spr : of Taxes' and "Of pet^*t^. <br />it S> reviewing and equalizing the <br />assessment. as fixed by t e County <br />Assessor. of Taxes on the- ta* <br />sessment rolls of Indian . River <br />County,' Florida,. for the year 195$, <br />as, appears by ,said tail assessment <br />rolls . to , be • submitted to Ahe Board <br />of county." Commistionepi at the'' <br />time and place °aforesaid ;and said. <br />boatd ,will continue iii .session for <br />that .purpose from day to day or, <br />longer, -as shall be necessary. <br />This. 7th day of, June, 1955. <br />$OARD OF.COUNTY COM- <br />blISSIONERS OF : SNDIAN <br />e RIVER. COUNTY,; FLORIDA <br />(SEAL) <br />- By: W. C. Graves, Jr., <br />Chairman. <br />June 30; :1955. <br />t JL _Fd. S 0 I JU _Z I 0 Jtl -- Approving 1955 Tax Roll <br />Upon Motion of Commissioner Hamilton, seconded by Commissioner Warren and <br />;,unanimously carried, the following Resolution was adopted: <br />WHEREAS, due notice by publication thereof has been given that the County <br />+Assessor of Taxes of Indian River County, Florida, would meet with the Board of County <br />;,Commissioners on the 15th day of July, 1955, and would at such time -present the tax assessment <br />{roll of said County for the year 1955 for equalization, as will appear by proof of publication <br />hof such notice recorded in the minutes; and, <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to such notice, the County Tax Assessor did meet with the <br />';Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, Florida, on'the 15th day of July, 1955, <br />at the hour of 11:00 o'clock A. M. in the Clerk's Office in the Indian River County Courthouse, <br />Yero Beach, Florida, and the Board of County Commissioners has, at said time,"co.nvenedJas a <br />Board of Equalization for the purpose of examining said roll and of receiving complaints and <br />testimony with regard to the same and with regard to the value of any property, real or per- <br />sonal, as fixed by the County Assessor of Taxes upon such roll; and, <br />WHERAS, the Board of County Commissioners has received such complaints and such <br />testimony offered, if any, and has examined and reviewed said assessment roll and has found it <br />nnecessary to increase the valuation of any property shown thereon and has found such assess- <br />nt roll to be correct; -Nowt therefore, <br />1 <br />1 <br />0 <br />0 <br />