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- 3 - 0 � <br /> • �, / . OA D <br /> d <br /> PO Box 7075 Lakeland , Florida 33807-7075 Phone (863) 682-5200 Fax: (863) 682-8800 <br /> PSP LETTER OF AGENCY <br /> This is to notify you that the undersigned Location Agent has executed a written agreement for <br /> Privately Owned Pay Telephone Service with the PSP as specked below, and appoints the PSP <br /> as its sole and exclusive agent for purposes of transacting business with the BellSouth local <br /> exchange telephone company [BellSouth] with respect to network access for privately owned <br /> pay telephone service at the Location Agent's premises . This appointment revokes any previous <br /> agent appointment for such service . It shall be effective for the term of the agreement between <br /> the PSP Provider and the Location Agent or until revoked in writing by the Location Agent. <br /> The Location Agent requests that the BellSouth local exchange Telephone Company accept <br /> orders for installations , changes and removals of privately owned pay telephone service from <br /> the PSP Provider on the Location Agents behalf. The Location Agent understands that this LOA <br /> does not supersede or invalidate any existing valid contract, nor does this request entitle the <br /> I PSP Provider to information deemed proprietary or protected by contractual agreements . The i <br /> Location Agent agrees to defend , indemnify and hold BellSouth harmless against any and all <br /> ' liability , loss or damage BellSouth may suffer as a result of claims , demands , costs or <br /> 1 judgments against BellSouth arising out of accepting and acting on orders placed on the <br /> Location Agent's behalf by the PSP , to the extent allowed by Florida law. <br /> PSP Business Name : ATS PayPhones, Inc. P . O . Box 7075 , Lakeland , Florida 33807-7075 <br /> On this / Z day of 1114 /2L N , 2004 we have entered into a contractual agreement with <br /> ATS PayPhones, Inc. or its assignee , to act as our communication agent until further notice . <br /> Under the terms of this agreement, and by the LETTER OF AGENCY , we do hereby authorize <br /> ATS, or its assignee , to handle all negotiations of orders for coin operated pay telephone <br /> service at the following locations) : Listed Below , <br /> THIS LETTER REVOKES .ALL PREWOUS LETTERS Or A S- M&ICY: <br /> Business Name : Indian River County Board of County Commissioners <br /> Business Address : 184025 th Street <br /> Vero Beach , FI 32960 <br /> Telephone Number: 772-226- 1223 <br /> Authorized Signature : <br /> Printed/ Typed Name : Thomas W. Frame <br /> Title : Director, General Services <br /> Date : March 11 , 2004 <br /> Revised 3/18/04 www. atspayphones . com <br />