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Chairman Graves stated that a meeting would be held at the DelMar Hotel at <br />noon on September 20th and to be present would be members of the Boards of County Commissioners <br />of Indian River And St. Lucie Counties, Chairman Tom Manuel of the Florida Turnpike <br />Authority, Sam Turnbull, Turnpike Authority Engineer, and C. H. Peterson, consulting <br />engineer, together with press and radio representatives, relating to the new Florida Toll <br />Turnpike through St. Lucie and Indian River Counties. <br />There being no further business, on motion, madeeand seconded, the meeting <br />was adjourned. <br />CHAIR MAN´┐Ż <br />ATTEST: <br />e'l <br />CLERK <br />- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - <br />TUESDAY. OCTOBER 4. 1955 <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County met at the Courthouse <br />at Vero Beach, Indian River County, in a regular meeting at 9:00 o'clock A. M. Tuesday, <br />October 4, 1955, with the following members present: Commissioners W. C. Graves, Jr., <br />Chairman, J. J. P. Hamilton; H. C. Watts; Aubrey L. Waddell and Allison Warren. Also present <br />E. E. Carter, Road 6 Bridge Superintendent, Sherman N. Smith, Jr., attorney; and Sam Joyce, <br />Sheriff; and Douglas Baker, Clerk. <br />Attorney Smith reported on a change in the Retirement System which permits <br />a combination of retirement and Social Security as follows: <br />"The Comptroller's office advises me that the 1955 change in the Retirement <br />system which permits a combination of the Retirement System and Social <br />Security does not become effective on Social Security provisions until <br />there -has been a referendum of all State and County employees and the <br />majority.of those eligible to vote must vote in favor of Social Security. <br />The mechanics for setting up the election are not complete. <br />Listed below are examples of benefits: <br />Benefits Monthly <br />10 Yrs. 15 Yrs. 20 Yrs. 25 Yrs. 30 Yrs. 35 Yrs. <br />Av. Sal, Service Service Service Service Service Service <br />$100 <br />$20 <br />$30 <br />$40 <br />$50 <br />$60 <br />$70 <br />$150 <br />$30 <br />$46 <br />$60 <br />$75 <br />$90 <br />$105 <br />$200 <br />$40 <br />$60 <br />$80 <br />$100 <br />$120 <br />$140 <br />$250 <br />$50 <br />$75 <br />$100 <br />$125 <br />$150 <br />$175 <br />The Comptroller's office will advise us if the referendum is held and the <br />employees vote in Social Security." <br />The County assessor of Taxes, Homer C. Fletcher, appeared before the Board <br />and presented the tax rolls for the year 1954 on Real and Personal Property and also Intan- <br />gible Tax Roll, which were carefully examined and found correct and on Motion made by <br />Commissioner Narren, seconded by Commissioner Waddell, and carried, were approved, and the <br />warrants to each of said rolls were annexed thereto and is in words and figures following: <br />0 <br />1 <br />1 <br />