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INAL <br /> AGREEMENT TO PURCHASE AND SELL REAL ESTATE <br /> 'THIS AGREEMENT TO PURCHASE AND SELL REAL ESTATE ("Agreement") is made <br /> and entered into as of the 3RD day of March , 200q by and between Jansu Adams , Inc . <br /> ( " Sellers ") and Indian River County, apolitical subdivision of the State of Florida (" County") , who <br /> agree as follows : <br /> 1 . Agreement to Purchase and Sell . The Seller hereby agrees to sell to the County, and the <br /> County hereby agrees to purchase from Seller, upon the terms and conditions set forth in this <br /> ,Agreement, that certain parcel of real property located at 4425 -4445 20th Street, Vero Beach, <br /> County of Indian River, State of Florida and more specifically described in Exhibit "A, " containing <br /> approximately 609 square feet, more or less , and all improvements thereon, together with all <br /> easements , rights and uses now or hereafter belonging thereto (collective T t "Property") . <br /> / 7, oto od I � , <br /> 2 . Purchase Price , Effective Date . The purchase price (the �'urchase Price ) for the Property <br /> shall be Fourteen-Thousand Seven -Dollars & 00/ 100 ( Sr1-4;06w7m } The Purchase Price shall be paid <br /> on the Closing Date . The Effective Date of this Agreement shall be the date upon which the County <br /> shall have approved the execution of this Agreement, either by approval by the Indian River County <br /> Board of County Commissioners at a formal meeting of such Board or by the County Administrator <br /> pursuant to his delegated authority. <br /> 3 . Title . Seller shall convey marketable title to the Property by warranty deed free of claims , <br /> li ens , easements and encumbrances of record or known to Seller; but subj ect to property taxes for the <br /> year of Closing and covenants , restrictions and public utility easements of record provided (a) there <br /> exists at Closing no violation of any of the foregoing ; and (b) none of the foregoing prevents <br /> County' s intended use and development of the Property . <br /> 3 . 2 County may order an Ownership and Encumbrance Report with respect to the Property . <br /> County shall , within thirty (3 0) days from receipt of the Ownership and Encumbrance Report, deliver <br /> written notice to Seller of title defects . Title shall be deemed acceptable to County if ( a) County fails <br /> to deliver notice of defects within the time specified, or (b) County delivers notice and Seller cures <br /> the defects within thirty (30) days from receipt of notice from County of title defects ("Curative <br /> Period" ) . Seller shall use best efforts to cure the defects within the Curative Period and if the title <br /> defects are not cured within the Curative Period, County shall have thirty ( 30) days from the end of <br /> the Curative Period to elect, by written notice to Seller, to : (i) to terminate this Agreement, <br /> whereupon shall be of no further force and effect, or (ii ) extend the Curative Period for up to an <br /> additional 90 days ; or (iii) accept title subject to existing defects and proceed to closing. <br /> 4 . Representations of the Seller. <br /> 4 . 1 Seller is indefeasibly seized of marketable , fee simple title to the Property, and is the sole <br /> owner of and has good right, title and authority to convey and transfer the Property which is the <br /> subject matter of this Agreement, free and clear of all liens and encumbrances . <br /> 4 . 2 From and after the Effective Date of this Agreement, Seller shall take no action which would <br /> impair or otherwise affect title to any portion of the Property, and shall record no documents in the <br /> Public Records which would affect title to the Property, without the prior written consent of the <br /> County . <br /> 4 . 3 There are no existing or pending special assessments affecting the Property , which are or may <br /> be assessed by any governmental authority , water or sewer authority, school district, drainage district <br /> or any other special taxing district . <br /> F :AI :n u .eri > > g`, i ohcrt �l � b1, + sri1 ac . ciipit �il =t jCl _1 \- cliril "'t � 1_ . an _{ 1 .�7uisition <br />` ian � u :idanisiii � , ur<i�� ccltl ; l � ) S . iinc <br />