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ADDENDUM #14 TO CONTRACT DATED JANUARY 21 , 1997 BETWEEN INDIAN <br /> RIVER COUNTY AND MASTELLER & MOLER, INC. FOR CR 512 PAVING & <br /> DRAINAGE IMPROVEMENTS <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY PROJECT #9611 <br /> COUNTY ROUTE 512 CORRIDOR IMPROVEMENTS <br /> ROSELAND ROAD TO 1-95 <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FL <br /> As result of discussion with and comments from Indian River County Staff during the <br /> construction of Phase III of the CR-512 Roadway Improvements, it has been noted that work not <br /> included in the original contract or subsequent addendums must be performed in order to ensure <br /> a successful project. The anticipated work shall be comprised of the revision of the St. Johns <br /> River Water Management District (SJRWMD) Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) to <br /> accommodate changes to the Pond E drainage basin. <br /> In order that the project design may be modified and permits obtained, we will perform the <br /> following "Additional Services": <br /> SJRWMD ERP Modification <br /> We will add or revise the following design elements to the Construction Plans as requested by <br /> the County: <br /> Per previous agreements, the Pond E Site Plan has been modified to illustrate the addition of <br /> paved parking, revised pond contours, gopher tortoise nests, walking trail, and the revised site <br /> boundary. Under this task, we will revise the conservation easement line and depict the location <br /> of the proposed footbridge along the walking trail. We will provide revised stage-storage data <br /> for the revised pond and demonstrate that the required treatment, attenuation, and permanent <br /> pool volumes are provided. <br /> Upon finalization, we will forward the plan and calculations to SJRWMD in order to include <br /> these revisions in the project' s Environmental Resource Permit. This task shall include response <br /> to District RAI's. <br /> We propose to perform the Scope of Services outlined above for the following lump sum fee : <br /> $ 4,850.00 <br /> We will complete the above-described Scope of Services in a diligent manner after our receipt of <br /> written authorization to proceed from Indian River County. <br />