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6 . Excess Reporting Obligation - Unless otherwise specified in this addendum. Service Agent agrees that <br /> reporting claims to excess insurance carrier is the Service Agent' s responsibility . It is the responsibility of the <br /> Employer/Broker to provide accurate coverage information regarding any insurance policies insuring claims <br /> covered by this contract. New insurance information on renewal years will be provided as soon as available and <br /> can be provided in the form of an Insurance Binder in the interim of receiving actual policies . Excess <br /> information will include name and claims reporting address and phone number of all carriers, policy number, <br /> effective dates. limits of liability, deductibles, specific retentions and loss funds. Actual policies will be <br /> provided as soon as available. This information is required for each claim year that the Service Agent is <br /> handling for the employer. If this information is not made available as outlined in this paragraph. Service Agent <br /> will not be responsible for any penalties. interest, or reductions in excess recoveries because of late reporting. <br /> 7 . Continuing Handling of Claims After Termination of Contract or Legally Imposed Mandates. Upon <br /> termination of this Agreement as set forth in paragraph 8, the Service Agent agrees to continue handling all <br /> claims that have been made and reported to it prior to such date of termination for thirty ( 30 ) days unless <br /> the parties have agreed otherwise in writing. <br /> Upon repeal of any service mandated by the workers' compensation law and/or other applicable statutes <br /> and/or regulations, the Service Agent agrees to continue handling all claims under the repealed service that <br /> have been reported to it prior to the date of such repeal for thirty (30) days unless the parties have agreed <br /> otherwise in writing . <br /> Upon exiting, client data will be provided to the new TPA either by a series of attachments to one or more email <br /> messages containing zip files which can he password-protected or via CD ROMS. The claim files may existas <br /> paper files and will he shipped as such . If the claim files are stored as images in a document retrieval system. <br /> they will be provided via CD ROM or the most current means of providing data. The cost for this will he no <br /> greater than S3 . 500.00 . The Employer will be billed for any additional programming to help in data transfer. <br /> Handling of property claims during a catastrophe will be billed based upon the attached catastrophe schedule; or <br /> the schedule in effect at the time of the catastrophe. <br /> All other terms of the contract remain unchanged. <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the SERVICE AGENT and the EMPLOYER have each caused this <br /> Addendum to be executed by its duly authorized representative to be effective the 1st day of October 2007. <br /> EMPLOYER <br /> ATTEST: J . K. Barton, Clerk INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA <br /> BOARD OF COUNTY CONIM;I SIGNERS <br /> By <br /> Deputy Clerk By <br /> Gar . Wit :ler, Chairman <br /> BCC approved : ::10 c�L 0- <br /> Approved : <br /> r- <br /> a <br /> C < �k 1 r ved as to form attddegal sufficiency: <br /> seph A. aird <br /> than River County Administrator <br /> IMarian E. Fell , Ass6tant ounty Attorney <br /> SERVICE AGENT <br /> WITNESS S: JOHNS EASTERN COMPANY, INC. <br /> Be ' rly Adl AIC, AIM <br /> Vice President. Special Account Services <br />