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A . Provide the ENGINEER with a copy of all studies , traffic counts , <br /> preliminary data or reports available , existing location surveys , topographic <br /> surveys , and related documents . <br /> B . Provide the ENGINEER with all available drawings , rights - of-way maps , <br /> and other documents in the possession of the COUNTY pertinent to the project . <br /> C . The COUNTY shall be responsible for acquiring all rights - of-way , <br /> easements and other rights in land as necessary to complete the project . <br /> J . The COUNTY shall be responsible for obtaining those permits required to <br /> perform the work to complete the project , if such permit requirements are <br /> established by regulatory agencies after the date of the Agreement . <br /> E . The COUNTY shall make provisions for the ENGINEER to enter upon <br /> public and private property as required for the ENGINEER to perform his <br /> services . <br /> F . The COUNTY will promptly execute all permit applications and provide <br /> application fees necessary to expedite the acquisition of any local , state or <br /> federal permits made necessary by the project . <br /> G . The COUNTY shall provide all rights - of-way maps , parcel sketches , legal <br /> descriptions , and abstracts of title for each parcel necessary for the box Culvert <br /> construction . <br /> SECTION III - SCOPE OF SERVICES <br /> The ENGINEER agrees to perform professional structural design and related services in <br /> connection with the project as required and set forth in the following : <br /> A . GENERAL <br /> 1 . The ENGINEER will endeavor not to duplicate any <br /> previous work done on the project after issuance of written authorization <br /> to proceed , the ENGINEER shall consult with the COUNTY to clarify and <br /> define the COUNTY' S requirements for the project and review all <br /> available data . <br /> 2 . The ENGINEER will attend conferences with b ie COUNTY <br /> and its representatives upon reasonable request . <br /> 3 . In order to accomplish the work described under this <br /> Agreement in the time frames and conditions set forth in this Agreement , <br /> the ENGINEER will observe the following requirements : <br /> 2 <br /> F :\Engineering\Capital Projects\0107-B & 9920- B Bridge Design\9920- B- Box Culvert in Canal at 16th St & 74th Ave\99208 <br /> Professional Agreement for Bridge Design-8-5-05 . doc <br />