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AGENDA ITEM NO. 2111 <br /> June 26, 2007 <br /> NO. 276A <br /> HEALTH SCIENCE STUDENT(S) EXPERIENCE AGREEMENT <br /> THIS AGREEMENT, is made and entered by and between the DISTRICT BOARD OF TRUSTEES <br /> OF INDIAN RIVER COMMUNITY COLLEGE, 3209 Virginia Avenue, Fort Pierce, Florida 34981 , <br /> hereinafter referred to as the COLLEGE, and INDIAN RIVER COUNTY EMERGENCY <br /> SERVICES DISTRICT, 1840 25' Street, Vero Beach, Florida, 32960, hereinafter referred to as the <br /> HEALTH CARE FACILITY. <br /> WITNESSETH <br /> The HEALTH CARE FACILITY hereby agrees to provide their facilities to the COLLEGE and the <br /> COLLEGE agrees to the usage of such facilities under the following conditions : <br /> 1 . PLANNING FOR STUDENT(S) INSTRUCTION - The faculty and student(s) in all Health <br /> Science programs, hereinafter referred to as HEALTH PROGRAMS, at IRCC may utilize the <br /> departments of the HEALTH CARE FACILITY for clinical experience. The student(s) is <br /> placed at the HEALTH CARE FACILITY for clinical experience and is not an employee of the <br /> COLLEGE. The faculty of IRCC will plan the days and hours for clinical experience. The <br /> appropriate staff at the HEALTH CARE FACILITY will be consulted as to the days and hours <br /> planned. <br /> 2 . SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE HEALTH CARE FACILITY: <br /> a. To provide within available facilities adequate classroom and conference space and the use of <br /> any available instructional materials. <br /> b. To provide a suitable environment and opportunities for observation and clinical experience in <br /> patient care areas, clinics and in selected departments of the HEALTH CARE FACILITY. <br /> c. The HEALTH CARE FACILITY has the overall authority over the facilities and grounds <br /> and for the safety of all persons therein. <br /> d. The HEALTH CARE FACILITY shall immediately inform the COLLEGE of policy and <br /> procedure changes which effect the COLLEGE'S clinical experience programs. <br /> e. The HEALTH CARE FACILITY shall retain overall responsibility over patient care . <br /> f. In case of accident or illness involving the student(s) while in the HEALTH CARE <br /> FACILITY, the HEALTH CARE FACILITY shall facilitate, if necessary, emergency <br /> treatment, at the student's(s') own expense. <br /> 3 . SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE COLLEGE: <br /> a. To provide assistance in the supervision and instruction of student(s) except on specific <br /> instances, which indicate that, other provisions should be made. <br /> b . To coordinate through proper HEALTH CARE FACILITY channels the planning for <br /> clinical experience for HEALTH PROGRAMS and maintaining all records and reports <br /> related to student(s) clinical experiences <br /> c. To comply with all existing policies of the HEALTH CARE FACILITY. <br /> d. To coordinate with HEALTH CARE FACILITY the HEALTH PROGRAMS student(s)' <br /> and clinical instructor(s)' participation in HEALTH CARE FACILITY orientation as <br /> required. <br />