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ELEVATED WATER TANK SPACE LICENSE AGREEMENT between <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, A POLITICAL SUBDIVISION OF THE STATE OF <br /> FLORIDA ,: , <br /> AND <br /> METROPCS CALIFORNIA/FLORIDA, INC . PCS SITE AGREEMENT <br /> This Elevated Water Tank Space License Agreement ( " Agreement " ) is entered into this <br /> 16' day of March , 2005 , between Indian River County, a political subdivision of the <br /> State of Florida, whose address is 1840 25 `h Street, Vero Beach, FL 32960 (hereinafter " The <br /> County) , and MetroPCS California/Florida, Inc . , (hereinafter MetroPCS or Licensee), and its <br /> affiliates, successors and assigns, having an address at 1401 NW 136 ' Avenue, Suite 304 , Sunrise , <br /> FL . 33323 . <br /> 1 . LOCATION, <br /> The County is the owner of a parcel of land (the " Land " ) and a steel elevated water storage tank, <br /> (the " Elevated Tank " ) , identified as Kings Highway Water Tank, located at 1805 58`h Avenue <br /> (College Lane West of 58'x' Avenue) in Indian River County, Florida. (The Elevated Tank and the <br /> Land are collectively, the " Property " ) . The property is more particularly described in Exhibit "A" <br /> annexed hereto . County hereby grants to MetroPCS , a non-exclusive license to enter upon the <br /> Land, and use space for the mounting of various antennas and associated equipment, including, but <br /> not limited to coaxial cables and supports on the exterior of the Elevated Tank and ground space for <br /> its equipment, together with permission for access and to provide utilities (collectively, the <br /> "Premises " ) as described in Exhibit "B " attached hereto . <br /> 2. USE. <br /> The Premises may be used by Licensee solely for installation, operation, and maintenance of a <br /> communications facility and uses incidental thereto , as determined by Licensee, now or in the <br /> future to meet Licensee ' s telecommunications needs on the exterior of the Elevated Tank and <br /> ground space for equipment on approximately two hundred square feet (200 sq . ft. ) , and Licensor <br /> acknowledges that Licensee will run flexible coaxial transmissions lines between the various <br /> antennas on the Elevated Tank and the radio equipment located on the ground, in accordance with <br /> all applicable laws, ordinances, and administrative regulations , and in accordance with the <br /> construction plans attached hereto as Exhibit "C" . Licensor agrees to cooperate reasonably with <br /> Licensee , at Licensee's sole expense, in making application for and obtaining all licenses , permits <br /> and other necessary approvals that may be required for Licensee' s above-described use of the <br /> Premises . <br /> 3 . TESTS AND CONSTRUCTION. <br /> Following the full execution of this Agreement and Licensee ' s provision of proof of required <br /> insurance, and following notice to Licensor' s Utility Services Director or his designee, enter upon <br /> the Premises for the purpose of making appropriate engineering and boundary surveys, structurals , <br /> environmental or other inspections, and constructing the Licensee Facilities at any reasonable time <br /> during the County ' s regular business hours, (as defined in Paragraph 4(a) below) . <br /> Page 1 of 15 <br /> C :\Documents and Settings\RJ Bob Armijo\Desktop\oPCS003 -KingsHighwayWaterTankLicensetoOccupyMarch 15,2005-2. doc <br />