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AGREEMENT FOR THE CONTRIBUTION OF FUNDS <br /> FOR REPAIRS TO 21sT STREET, S.W. 1 <br /> THIS AGREEMENT, made and entered into this l th day of April 2007 by <br /> and between SHELBY HOMES AT MILLSTONE, INC., a Florida corporation, hereinafter referred <br /> to as "Developer", and INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, a political subdivision of the State of Florida, <br /> hereinafter referred to as "County". <br /> WITNESSETH : <br /> 1 . Developer received preliminary plat approval by the Planning and Zoning <br /> Commission on November 10. 2004 for the project identified as: <br /> Project Title: Millstone Landing, Phase 1 <br /> Planning Number: 2003100068 <br /> Project Live-IRC Number: PD-04-04-08 <br /> Project Location : 3125 21 " Street SW <br /> 2. As a condition of preliminary plat approval, Developer is required to construct <br /> 215` Street, S. W. according to County standards. <br /> 3 . Developer acknowledges that there are three segments of pavement that do not <br /> meet County standards. <br /> 4. County acknowledges that any remedial work performed on those segments <br /> would only worsen the appearance and drivability of the roadway. <br /> 5 . It is agreed between the parties that in consideration of the contribution by <br /> Developer to County of the sum of $9,516.25, which sum represents the cost of such remediation, <br /> County releases Developer from any remedial work associated with the segments of pavement on 21 ` <br /> Street, S. W. <br /> 6. Developer acknowledges that the payment of the sum referenced in paragraph <br /> 5 above is to be deposited into the Shelby Homes at Millstone Inc a Florida Corporation fund, <br /> Account Number 601 -220049 of the County and used toward future repair to 21 " Street, S . W., and that <br /> Developer is not entitled to any refund or return of monies associated with this agreement. <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereunto set their hands and seals thisl Oth day <br /> of April 2007. <br /> SHELBY HOMES AT MILLSTONE, INC., a Florida <br /> corporation <br /> B <br /> APPROVED AS TO FORM R ey, President <br /> AND LEGAL SUFF IEN "DEVELOPER" <br /> 8Y iia. ' <br /> V41L11AV K. DESRAAL INDIAN RIVER'COUNTY FLORIDA ` <br /> ASS ISTANT COUNTY ATTORNEY <br /> By <br /> ATTEST: J . K. Barton, Clerk Gary C. eler, CJbairma ' <br /> By:_( t na 0J -J" BY%0OLKAMmiflatone <br /> Deputy Clerk eph A . aird, County Admr istrator <br /> COommeNs and Setnngsbob%Local SebngslTernWrary Internet Fil 21st Street SW AGREEMENT BCC 04-02-07Aoc <br />