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D . The DEPARTMENT must approve any consultant and/or contractor scope of services prior to <br /> advertising by the COUNTY. The DEPARTMENT'S written approval must be obtained before selecting <br /> any consultant and/or contractor for the PROJECT. The COUNTY must certify that the consultant has <br /> been selected in accordance with the Consultants ' Competitive Negotiation Act (Section 287 .055 , <br /> Florida Statutes ). Contractors must be pre-qualified by the DEPARTMENT as required by Section 2 of <br /> the Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction (2000) , as amended . <br /> E . The COUNTY shall not sublet, assign or transfer any work under this Agreement without prior <br /> written consent of the DEPARTMENT . <br /> F. All notices under this Agreement shall be directed to the following addresses : <br /> TO DEPARTMENT: TO COUNTY: <br /> Leos A. Kennedy, Jr. James W. Davis, P. E. <br /> Florida Dept. of Transportation Indian River County- Public Works Dept. <br /> 3400 W. Commercial Blvd . 1840 25" Street <br /> Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33309 Vero Beach, Florida 32960-3365 <br /> 2. TERM <br /> A. Except as otherwise set forth herein , this AGREEMENT shall continue in effect and be <br /> binding to both the COUNTY and the DEPARTMENT until the Project is completed as evidenced by <br /> the written acceptance of the DEPARTMENT or December 30, 2008, whichever occurs first, or if <br /> terminated in accordance with Paragraph 6 . <br /> B . This Agreement shall not be renewed . Any extension shall be in writing and executed <br /> by both parties, and shall be subject to the same terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement. <br /> 3. COMPENSATION AND PAYMENT <br /> A. The total estimated project cost is EIGHT HUNDRED FORTY THREE THOUSAND ONE <br /> HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS ($843, 125.00). The DEPARTMENT will fund 75% of the <br /> estimated cost of the PROJECT which is SIX HUNDRD THIRTY TWO THOUSAND THREE <br /> HUNDRED FORTY FOUR DOLLARS ($632, 344.00), for Construction and CEI services. If the bid <br /> awarded by the COUNTY exceeds the estimate, the DEPARTMENT will participate in 75% of the bid <br /> up to 110% of the estimate . The COUNTY agrees to bear all expenses in excess of the <br /> DEPARTMENT'S participation . <br /> B . The COUNTY shall submit one invoice (5 copies ) in detail sufficient for pre-audit and post- <br /> audit plus supporting documentation required by the DEPARTMENT to the Project Manager for <br /> approval and processing : <br /> X monthly, <br /> C. The COUNTY'S matching participation is in the form of: <br /> X Funds equal to 25% of the project costs plus the remaining portion of the accepted bid <br /> amount exceeding the DEPARTMENT'S participation . <br /> D. Payment shall be made only after receipt and approval of goods and services unless advance <br /> payments are authorized by the DEPARTMENT'S Comptroller under Section 334.044 (29), Florida <br /> Statutes. <br /> E . The COUNTY will only be reimbursed fordirect costs (this excludes general and administrative <br /> overhead ). All costs charged to the PROJECT shall be supported by properly executed payrolls, time <br /> 2 OF 6 <br />