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1 <br />L] <br />1 <br />41 <br />1 <br />1 <br />0 <br />There being no further business, on motion made, seconded and carried, the <br />Board then adjourned. <br />!ATTEST: <br />J <br />-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <br />TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1956 <br />THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS of Indian River County met at the Courthouse <br />in Vero Beach, Florida in a regular meeting at 9:00 o'clock A. M. September 4, 1956. All <br />members were present except H. C. Watts who was absent. Also present were S. N. Smith, Jr., <br />Attorney, Larry Yates, Deputy Sheriff, E. E. Carter, Road & Bridge Superintendent and Douglas <br />Baker, Clerk. <br />Minutes of August 7th regular meeting, were read and the same were approved <br />upon Motion made by Commissioner Hamilton, seconded by Commissioner McCullers and carried. <br />Chairman Graves stated the Red Cross needs a location to construct a building <br />which would cost approximately $15,000.00 and recommended a half acre of land near the <br />Center. Upon motion made by Commissioner Waddell, seconded by Commissioner McCullers and <br />carried, it was decided the county would lease to the Red Cross this land for 50 years on a <br />of $1.00 per year. <br />Troy E. Moody, Tax Collector, submitted the 1955 E & I List of Intangible. -Real <br />and Personal property and the same was approved upon Motion of Commissioner Hamilton, seconded <br />by Commissioner McCullers and carried. <br />The committee consisting of Commissioners Waddell and McCullers, reported <br />that no buildings were being constructed on county owned property adjoining Blue Cypress Lake.' <br />Attorney Smith, reported that the 16th Street signal crossing is now included <br />in the State Road Plans and had been approved. The Board requested Mr. Smith to ask the <br />Engineer to proceed with the survey. <br />Attorney Smith and Mrs. Christensen were appointed a committee to find a welfarep <br />clothing building and they reported that the City would give space in the Administration <br />Building at the airbase. <br />Attorney Buck Vocelle, representing Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Wiley, owners of the <br />Romar Court at Wabasso, asked the Board to reconsider their. -offer for deeds to right of way <br />on U. S. #1,- stating that it would cost approximately $12,450.00 to move two units and re- <br />build. Upon recommendation of Commissioner Hamilton, the board agreed to wait for the <br />;!report and work from there. <br />