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J> IV <br /> AGREEMENT FOR PROFESSIONAL INSPECTOR SERVICES ✓ � �05 <br /> between <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY and M . T. CAUSLEY, INC. <br /> THIS AGREEMENT for Professional Inspector Services ("Agreement") entered <br /> into this 15 + h day of FPr,,, ,al_, , 2005 , between Indian River County, a political <br /> subdivision of the State of Florida, hereinafter referred to as the "County, " and M. T . <br /> Causley , Inc . , hereinafter referred to as "Causley. " <br /> WITNESSETH <br /> WHEREAS , the County -is in need of additional inspectors due to the volume of <br /> inspections caused by hurricane damage and growth in the County ; and <br /> WHEREAS, Causley ; acting as an independent contractor, can assist the County <br /> by providing qualified inspectors to conduct various building and construction <br /> inspections ; and <br /> WHEREAS , Causley represents that they are capable of providing inspectors <br /> available to the County upon issuance of a work order; and <br /> WHEREAS , Causley represents that all Inspectors supplied to the County under <br /> this agreement are properly brained and certified to carry out the functions required <br /> under state and local law; and <br /> That the COUNTY and CAUSLEY, in consideration of their mutual covenants , <br /> herein agree with respect to the performance of professional inspection services by <br /> CAUSLEY, and the payment for those services by the COUNTY, as set forth below and <br /> in individual Work Orders . This agreement shall be referred to as the " MASTER <br /> AGREEMENT" under which future Work Orders will apply. <br /> CAUSLEY shall provide the COUNTY with professional inspection services and <br /> such other related services as defined in specific Work Orders . CAUSLEY shall serve <br /> as an independent contractor to the COUNTY during the performance of the services to <br /> be rendered . <br /> SECTION I — PROJECT LIMITS <br /> Project limits shall be identified in individual Work Orders prepared by the <br /> COUNTY and approved by CAUSLEY. Each Work Order wiff be sequentially numbered <br /> and formally approved by the COUNTY prior to a Notice-to- Proceed being issued . <br /> Basic services required of CAUSLEY for the project will be described in other <br /> appropriate sections of this Agreement and in individual Work Orders , <br /> SECTION I1 — COUNTY OBLIGATIONS <br /> The COUNTY agrees for pro>vkLa the foklrwing~ materWt, data, or services as <br /> required in connection with the work to be performed under this Agreement: <br /> I <br /> CAT)nrnmantc and RPttinaR\nam\T .neal RPttlnaC\TPmnnrary TntPrnat Fi1P.S\0TXRR\TnRnP..ntnr AarPPmetnt rine. <br />