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r'i4-0 <br />described in the petition as follows, to -wit:- Beginning at the Dixie Highway right-of-wa, <br />on the three quarter section line dividing the South-west 1/4 `Sec 10. Tp 32 'S.111.39 E., as <br />per design in this <br />petition. <br />Said road to <br />run east <br />to Indian River a <br />distance <br />of- <br />appro- <br />ximately One mile. <br />Eai.d road <br />right-of-way <br />to be not <br />less then Fifty <br />(50) feet <br />in <br />width, <br />beg leave to report to your honors as follows: That werg after first having subscribed <br />to the oath required by law before entering on our duties maker this out general report: <br />That we proceeded to the said proposed location of the said public road upon the <br />day of 1927, and viewed and marked out the following as the best route for ,said <br />proposed road. ( Said road is to be Fifty (50) feet wide) . <br />Beginning at the inter -section of the East right-of-way line of :State Road <br />number Four (4) and the North line of the South-west quarter of the South-east quarter, <br />Section Ten (10) Township Thirty-two (32) South, Range Thirty-nine (39) East. Thence E <br />to the Vest shore of the Indian River. The above described line being the center line of <br />right-of-way for the road. <br />Therefore, having performed the duties required by law under the appointment of your <br />honors, we pray to be discharged. <br />A.W.19oods <br />J .D .Edwards <br />D.L.leisher, Road Committee. <br />It was ordered that the above peport be accepted and filed, and notice given for <br />thirty days, after which, if no protest is filed, same will be declared a public County <br />road. <br />A.E.Sueverkruebbe appeared before the Board regarding road leading to his place. <br />It was ordered that Commissioner Helseth and the County Engineer look over the trouble <br />work the same out if possible. <br />Ordered that the County Engineer look into the matter of connecting the Old Dixie <br />Highway with State Road #4 at the overhead crossing South county line. <br />Ordered that bill of Taylor's Garage for $120.00 for storage on confiscated cars be <br />rejected and clerk instructed to write State Attorney to look after action necessary to <br />dispose of these cars. <br />Ordered that application of D.J.Boatright to be placed on pauper list be rejected. <br />X101 <br />The several bills against the County, having been audited, were examined and found <br />correct were ordered approved, and warrants ordered issued in settlement of same. .Such <br />I bills and accounts being on file in the Clerk's office and made a part of these minutes. <br />The Couty Depositories filed their monthly statement showing receipts and disburse- <br />ments for the months of November, which having been audited were found to be correct. <br />Commissioner G.A.Braddock introduced and caused to be read in full the resolution <br />-next hereinafter set out entitled "Resolution providing for the issuance and delivery of <br />°409000.00 Refunding Bonds of Indian River County, Florida." It was moved by Commissioner <br />J.1U.LaBruce and seconded by Commissioner J.J.P.Hamilton that said resolution be adopted <br />and after due consideration the Chairman put the question on the motion and the roll <br />being called the following named Commissioners voted: Aye John H.Atkin, G..A.Braddock; <br />J.aT.LaBruce; O.O.Helseth and J.J.P.Hamilton. Nay: None. WHEREUPON the Chairman declared <br />the motion duly carried: <br />REMIUTIONO providing for the issuance <br />and delivery of $409000. Refunding Bonds <br />of Indian River County,. Florida. <br />WHEREAS, the County of Indian River, in the State of Florida, is a body corporate, <br />duly organized and existing under tka and by virtue of the laws and Constitution of the <br />State of Florida; and <br />AREAS, the Board of County Commissioners of said <br />County,, heretofore, pursuant to and <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />