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ORIGINAL <br />AGREEMENT TO PURCHASE AND SELL REAL ESTATE <br />THIS AGREEMENT TO PURCHASE AND SELL REAL ESTATE ("Agreement") is made <br />and entered into as of the 29th Day of September, 2005, by and between Byron H. Beatty, and <br />Colene Beatty, correctly known as Colleen M. Beatty ("Seller") and Indian River County, a <br />political s! !division of the State of Florida ("County"), who agree as follows: <br />1. Agreement to Purchase and Sell; Effective Date, The Seller hereby agrees to sell to the <br />County, and the County hereby agrees to purchase from Seller, upon the terms and conditions <br />cct forth in Chic Anraemant that rortain ra l nrnnortv riascriharl nn Pyhihi c "A" attarharl her Pto <br />and incorporated by this reference (Parcels 7, 12 and 12A), and all improvements thereon, <br />together with all easements, rights and uses now or hereafter belonging thereto (collectively, the <br />"ROW Property"). The Effective Date of this Agreement shall be the date upon which the County <br />shall have approved the execution of this Agreement, either by approval by the nc'an River <br />County Board of County Commissioners at a formal meeting of such Board or by the County <br />Administrator pursuant to his delegated authority. <br />2. Purchase Price, Effective Date. The purchase price (the "Purchase Price") for the ROW <br />Property shall be Two Hundred Fifty-ThreeThousand Eight -Hundred and 00/100 Dollars <br />($253,800.00). The Purchase Price shall be paid on the Closing Date. The Effective Date of this <br />Agreement shall be the date upon which the County shall have approved the execution of this <br />Agreement by approval by the Indian River County Board of County Commissioners at a formai <br />meeting of such Board. <br />The necessary 4.23 acres of right-of-way, Zoned A-1, Agriculture, with a Land Use Classification <br />of AG -1, 1 unit per 5 acre and located outside of the Urban Service Area shall be purchased at a <br />r,rirn r%f (zC,n Onn nor acro Tho nrnnnSnrl Rr)�,/,,/ inrli lHinn leiatnr rntantiron amounts to a total of <br />VI Lw. vI Wvv� vv V. I vI v. I I Iv VI v�.v vv I %. n Iv .,x..,111y vv%d%% I I v vI ILI � � .... � �..�.� �.... %W .,. . L%011 <br />4.23 acres. 4.23 acres @ $60,000 per acre = $253,800.00. <br />(See Item 2.1 (d) below). <br />2.1 The following are additional understandings and agreements of t.h.c, p)?rhes: <br />(a) The County or its contractor will move forward as soon as practicable to commence <br />and complete the two-lane paving of 66th Avenue between 4th Street and State Road <br />60. It is anticipated as of the time of execution of this Agreement that 66th Avenue <br />paving will commence with 24 months. <br />(b) Drainage restoration and site improvements (paving) to the benefit of the property <br />owners, related to the 66th Avenue Project, as depicted on the plans will he <br />completed at no expense to the property owners. <br />(c) The Agreement is subject to the granting, by the seller, of blanket 10 -foot temporary <br />construction easements along the construction corridor. <br />11 <br />FAEngineering\RonC\Word Docs\Colene and byron agmt.doc1/18/05 <br />