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A <br />a depth of 250 feet West of the centerline of the Old Dixie Highway. <br />Mr. H. E. Kjorsvick was then recognized by the Board and pointed out that he <br />owned Ercildoune Heights, a subdivision in the North part of the county and requested that <br />�j Lots 7 to 12, Block D. and Lots 7 to 12 Block E, and all that part lying East of the new lo- <br />cation of U. S. #1 be zoned C 1 Commercial and the remainder be zoned R-1 Single family district. <br />David P. Sawyer and Byron Talbot appeared before the Board with respect to the <br />property on both sides of Road 60 from Range line Road to Ranch Road requesting -that this pro- <br />perty be zoned R 3 Transient District. <br />Mr. Harry Boardman was then recognized by the Board and requested that the pro- <br />perty owned by Harvy M. Crockett on the North side of State Road 60, West of the City Limits <br />of Vero Beach and described as follows: Two lots located in the Southeast corner of Tract 7, <br />Sec. 4, Tnsp. 33 South, Range 39 East. These lots are designated as Lots A & B._ be zoned <br />R 3 -Transient District. • <br />Mr. E. M. Collard was then recognized by the Board and requested that the area <br />lying South of the South relief canal and East of the Old Dixie Highway described as follows: <br />that part of the SEA of the SE's Sec. 13, Tnsp. 33, Rge. 39 East lying between the Old Dixie <br />Highway, South Relief Canal and the Range lien between Ranges 39 East and 40 E, be zoned C 1 <br />Commercial. <br />Byron Talbot was recognized by the Board and requested that in Section 6, R-3 <br />Transient District, Paragraph A-10 there be added after filling station "and Marina"and that <br />farther in definition the word "Marina" be defined as a place for the sales and service of <br />boats and marine supplies, however the word "Marina" specifically excludes ship building and <br />dry land storage and larger structural repairs of boats. <br />At this point the Zoning Commission recommended that Paragraph 6 on the last <br />page of the Resolution be changed by striking the word "flat" and striking the words "that is <br />not propelled by its own power". <br />John Gould appeared'as attorney representing the several sign companies in this <br />area and requested that the words "advertising structures in the definitions on Page 2 of the <br />Resolution be stricken. <br />Harold S. Winner representing the following owners: Becker Dolan, Lewis Adair, <br />Lyrus LaPlant, Ella Joe Stolberg, Frank R. Zimmerman, Emanuel Goldstrich, Charles I. Keebler, <br />Louis Donn, W. L. Graham, Jr. and himself,; owning the North one-half mile of the County between <br />the highway and Indian River; requested that this land be zoned R-3 Transient District. <br />No one else appearing before the Board Sherman N. Smith, Jr. suggested that they' <br />strike Paragraph S on the last page of the Resolution entirely and renumber the paragraphs. <br />Also in the new numbered Paragraph 9 to strike out the first sentence. <br />At this point the Chairman asked if the Board wished to act on the changes as <br />presented above and after discussion and upon Motion of Robert W. Graves, seconded by Commissioner <br />McCullers and unanimously carried, all changes were.accepted with the exception of the one <br />presented by Harold S. Winner requesting that the land in the Northern one-half mile of the <br />County., This request was denied. <br />