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n <br /> BRIDGE REPLACEMENTS AND WIDENING OF 66TH AVENUE <br /> FROM SOUTH OF SR 60 TO 59TH STREET <br /> PROFESSIONAL CIVIL ENGINEERING, GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING <br /> AND LAND SURVEYING SERVICES <br /> AMENDMENT NO. 2 TO THE PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERINGILAND SURVEYING <br /> SERVICES AGREEMENT BETWEEN ARCADIS AND INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, <br /> FLORIDA. <br /> This is an amendment to the existing Engineering/Land Surveying Services Agreement <br /> (AGREEMENT) dated September 6, 2005 between ARCADIS (ENGINEER) and Indian River <br /> County (COUNTY). This amendment addresses changes in " Section I — Project Limits and <br /> Description", " Section III - Scope of Services " , and " Section V - Compensation' . <br /> Amendment Description <br /> This Amendment includes the following : <br /> "SECTION I - PROJECT LIMITS AND DESCRIPTION" is being modified to incorporate <br /> the following : <br /> Consultant services are required for the preparation of surveys; right-of-way map; parcel <br /> sketches and legal descriptions ; subsurface geotechnical investigations; road design plans; bridge <br /> plans; permit applications and utility relocations associated with the construction of 66"' Avenue <br /> as a 4 lane roadway; also included are intersection improvements at 33 `d Street, 37"' Street, 45"' <br /> Street, 49`h Street, 53 d Street, and 57°i Street located in Indian River County, FL. The <br /> improvements included in this Amendment 2 consist of the following : <br /> Revisions to the plans to: <br /> reduce the required right of way taking between Sr 60 & 26 h Street. <br /> Add a right turn lane on the south approach of the intersection of 6e <br /> Avenue and 26'h Street <br /> Field Survey and Engineering Design to obtain cross sections for the proposed eight <br /> storm water pond sites and to add the cross sections to the contract plans. <br /> Obtaining soil test borings for the proposed pond sites (8 sites) and for mast arm <br /> foundation design at 20" Street, 2e Street and 45`h Street. <br /> Structural engineering services for the removal and reconstruction of a portion of the <br /> existing headwall in the 43 Avenue canal on the south side of 26th Street to allow for <br /> the construction of the right turn lane. <br /> Project length (Original Agreement) = 17,400 If or 3. 30 miles. <br /> Project length (Amendment Number 1) = 23, 5901f or 4. 47 miles. <br /> Total Project length = 40,9901f or 7. 76 miles. <br /> Page 1 of <br /> G :\LNR Support\ADMIN\Marketing\Proposals\WPB\2007\66 th Ave Amendment No 2 - 9- 17-07 . doc <br />