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. 1 <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br /> Oslo Road Widening between 43`d Avenue and 27 h Avenue <br /> AMENDMENT NO, 2 TO THE PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING/LAND SURVEYING <br /> SERVICES AGREEMENT BETWEEN KIMLEY-HORN AND ASSOCIATES, INC. AND <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA. <br /> This is an amendment to the existing Engineering/Land Surveying Services Agreement <br /> (AGREEMENT) dated May 24th, 2005 between Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc . <br /> (ENGINEER) and Indian River County (COUNTY) . This amendment addresses changes in <br /> "Section III - Scope of Services " and "Section V - Compensation" of the AGREEMENT. <br /> Amendment Description <br /> This Amendment includes the following: <br /> "SECTION III — SCOPE OF SERVICES " is being modified to incorporate the following: <br /> Alternative Pond Site Analvsis <br /> The ENGINEER will evaluate alternative pond sites using a preliminary hydrologic analysis to <br /> assist the COUNTY in determining the viability of each contemplated site to meet the <br /> stormwater requirements associated with the Oslo Road corridor between 27`h Avenue and 43`a <br /> Avenue. <br /> The preliminary hydrologic analysis will consist of developing a dynamic hydrologic/ hydraulic <br /> basin model to determine applicable stage/ discharge characteristics associated with the <br /> alternative site based upon parcel geometries, proximity of parcel to outfall and contributing <br /> Oslo Road basin characteristics. Alternative pond sites will be identified by the COUNTY and it <br /> is anticipated that no more than three alternative sites will be evaluated. <br /> Right-of- Wav Acquisition Coordination <br /> The ENGINEER will coordinate with the COUNTY and/or their legal consultant regarding the <br /> necessity for right-of-way acquisition associated with the 27`h Avenue corridor between Oslo <br /> Road and 7`h Street SW. The ENGINEER has been requested to provide legal descriptions and <br /> sketches delineating existing right-of-way, Murphy Reservation Easements, roposed right-of- <br /> way and limits of construction along 27`h Avenue between Oslo Road and 7` Street SW. <br /> Additional effort is anticipated in supporting the COUNTY' S legal consultant in potential orders <br /> of taking and providing expert testimony to the engineering necessity associated with the 27th <br /> Avenue and Oslo Road corridors. <br />