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x� <br /> 5 St . Johns Myer <br /> Water Management District <br /> Kirby B. Green !II, Executive Director • David W. Fisk, Assistant Executive Director <br /> 4049 Reid Street • P.O. Box 1429 • Palatka, FL 32178. 1429 • (386) 329-4500 <br /> On the Internet at www. sjrwmd. com. <br /> January 2, 2007 <br /> Honorable Gary Wheeler, Chairman <br /> Indian River County Board of County Commissioners <br /> 184025 th Street <br /> Vero Beach, FL 32960 <br /> Re : Indian River County water supply <br /> Dear Chairman Wheeler: <br /> Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your December 6, 2006, water supply workshop . I <br /> realize that you are facing significant issues concerning growth and the development of adequate <br /> water supplies to support that growth. I appreciate the attention the Indian River County Board of <br /> County Commissioners is giving to these issues. The District staff has had follow-up discussions <br /> with the Commission' s staff and consultants and, as a result, believes that the following <br /> ' clarification of some of the issues discussed during the workshop would be helpful to the <br /> Commission and its staff. <br /> 2013 Floridan aquifer sustainability limit <br /> The District has concluded that groundwater resources in Indian River County can sustain <br /> continued development through 2025 as proposed at the time of preparation of the 2003 District <br /> Water Supply Assessment. This is not the case for the Floridan aquifer in the central Florida area <br /> to the north of Lydian River County. In the central Florida area, the Floridan aquifer is rapidly <br /> approaching its sustainable limit and is expected to reach that limit before 2025. The three water <br /> management districts that have jurisdiction in the area, which is referred to as the Central Florida <br /> Coordination Area, have agreed to proceed with rule changes that generally provide for no <br /> additional groundwater withdrawals beyond 2013 . <br /> The District is currently preparing its 2008 District Water Supply Assessment, which will <br /> ' address proposed water use through 2030. This assessment will be based on updated population <br /> projections and on a new regional groundwater flow model. Therefore, it should better address <br /> the current growth that is occurring in Indian River and surrounding counties and the impacts of <br /> ' this growth on groundwater resources . If the 2008 assessment indicates that the Floridan aquifer <br /> cannot sustain proposed withdrawals through 2030, the area will be identified as a priority water <br /> resource caution area and will become a focus of the next District Water Supply Plan . <br /> ' GOVERNING BOARD <br /> David G. Graham, :;HAIRMAN John G . $C'NlEekl, 'I = LRA.IR?,M1AN Ann T .Moore, SECRETAx Duane L. Ouenstro& iREASU%ER <br /> ACKSONVILLE 0a nw EUM-a JACKSCW'L-E <br /> R. Clay Albright Susan N. Hughes William W. Kerr Ometrias D. Long W. Leonard Wood <br /> CCA P0117EVEDPA MF.RCURNE 9E CN An KA FEPNANCINA3E CF. <br />