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I <br /> County-level water supply planning <br /> ' The District commends the County for its water supply planning effort and recommends that the <br /> County coordinate a meeting between the County, the District, and other local governments in <br /> the County to discuss water supply planning on a county-level scale. This could allow for a more <br /> thorough evaluation of the potential impacts of water supply development and available water <br /> supplies. If the County decides to move forward with the development of alternative water <br /> ' supplies, these other local governments may be interested in partnering in project development. <br /> Representation on the District Governing Board <br /> ' Several speakers at the workshop expressed concern that the District Governing Board is not <br /> attentive enough to the needs and concerns of Indian River County. At least one speaker <br /> suggested that a solution to this concern would be the appointment of an Indian River County <br /> resident to the Governing Board. The District Governing Board and its staff always work to be <br /> responsive to the needs of its citizens and particularly local governments. Two Governing Board <br /> ' members, Bill Kerr, who resides in Brevard County, and John Sowinski, who resides in Orange <br /> County, are appointed from areas that include portions of Indian River County. Both of these <br /> Governing Board members are very concerned about the needs of the areas from which they are <br /> appointed as well as concerned about the needs of the district as a whole. <br /> ' I hope you find these clarifications useful. I am available,to meet with you again to discuss these <br /> and other matters that may concern you. <br /> ' Sincerely, <br /> Kirbyreen I <br /> Executive hector <br /> Cc: Sandra Bowden, Vice Chairman <br /> ' Wesley Davis, Commissioner <br /> Peter O'Bryan, Commissioner <br /> Joseph Flescher, Commissioner <br /> Joseph Baird, County Administrator <br /> Erik Olson, Director of Utility Services <br />