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G •i9o7 <br /> 20)119 <br /> AMENDMENT No : 3 <br /> DEP AGREEMENT No : H5IR1 <br /> FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION <br /> BUREAU OF BEACHES AND COASTAL SYSTEMS <br /> HURRICANE RECOVERY PLAN <br /> STATE OF FLORIDA <br /> AMENDMENT TO GRANT AGREEMENT FOR <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY DUNE RESTORATION PROJECT <br /> THIS AGREEMENT as entered into on the 15th day of March, 2005 , amended on the 9b day of August, 2005 , <br /> and on the 4`h day of April, 2006, between the FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION <br /> (hereinafter referred to as the "DEPARTMENT") and INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, a local government, (hereinafter <br /> referred to as the "LOCAL SPONSOR") is hereby amended as follows: <br /> • Paragraphs 2, 5, 6, 7 and 18 are hereby revised to read as follows: <br /> 2 . This Agreement shall begin on the last date executed and end on December 31 , 2008. Pursuant to Section <br /> 161 . 101 ( 18), Florida Statutes, work conducted on this PROJECT by the LOCAL SPONSOR or its subcontractor <br /> beginning on or after February 1 , 2005 , shall be eligible for cost sharing by the DEPARTMENT. <br /> 5 . The LOCAL SPONSOR shall implement the PROJECT and complete said PROJECT upon the terms and <br /> conditions set forth in this Agreement and future requisite authorizations and environmental permits. The <br /> PROJECT consists of dune restoration at North Indian River County (R17-R70), Vero Beach (R70-R86), South <br /> Indian River County (RI00-R107), and beach restoration activities along the segment of shoreline known as <br /> Sector 7 (R-97 +700 —R- 108). The parties expressly agree that the provisions of this paragraph shall survive and <br /> be enforceable beyond the expiration of this Agreement. <br /> The LOCAL SPONSOR shall develop a detailed Scope of Work for the PROJECT. It is understood and agreed <br /> that the detailed Scope of Work shall include a narrative description of each task, a corresponding detailed budget <br /> and a project schedule. Written approval of the Scope of Work must be obtained from the Department' s Project <br /> Manager prior to initiating work. <br /> 6. The DEPARTMENT and the LOCAL SPONSOR agree that the estimated costs of the PROJECT are identified in <br /> Table 1 below: <br /> Table 1 : Estimated Project Costs <br /> Task # Eligible Project ITEM IState Local ITotal <br /> 2 .0 Dune Restoration $5 850 703 $585 070 $69435,773 <br /> 3 .0 Sand Placement <br /> 3 . 1 Sector 7 Beach Restoration $6,179,297 $617,930 $6,7979227 <br /> TOTAL PROJECT COSTS $ 12,0309000 $ 19203,000 $ 13 ,2339000 <br /> 7. A. The DEPARTMENT's financial obligation shall not exceed the sum of $ 12,030,000 for this PROJECT or <br /> up to 90.91 percent of the non-federal PROJECT cost, if applicable, whichever is less. The LOCAL <br /> SPONSOR agrees that any costs which exceed the estimated PROJECT costs shall be the responsibility <br /> of the LOCAL SPONSOR. Any modifications to the estimated TOTAL PROJECT COSTS shall be <br /> provided through formal amendment to this Agreement. <br /> B. LOCAL SPONSOR shall provide the local match required by Section 3 of Chapter 2004-475 , Laws of <br /> Florida, unless such matching requirement is waived or reduced by the Executive Office of the Governor <br /> pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 2004-475, Laws of Florida. LOCAL SPONSOR shall document to <br /> the DEPARTMENT any matching funds waiver or reduction upon receipt from the Executive Office of <br /> the Governor, unless such waiver has been obtained through the DEPARTMENT. <br /> DEP Agreement No. H5I111 , Amendment No. 3, Page 1 of 3 <br />