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Mr. Michael Hotchkiss, P. E. <br /> Indian River County <br /> October 21 , 2005 <br /> Page 2 <br /> originally budgeted for BC construction phase services . As a result of this activity, and <br /> because of delays in project completion, we are projecting a budget shortfall. <br /> We have prepared an estimate of the additional labor hours and budget that BC will <br /> require to extend our existing Scope of Services through Summit Construction's current <br /> project completion date of April 28, 2005 . Our estimate is based on the following: <br /> 1 . Eight (8) hours of Bob Hrabovsky's time per month to attend the monthly on-site <br /> construction meetings and prepare meeting minutes for attendees. <br /> 2 . Four (4) hours of my time and four (4) hours of Bob 's time per month to address <br /> Contractor inquiries, coordinate the efforts of subconsultants, review Contractor pay <br /> requests, evaluate Contractor requests for Work Change Directives, and prepare <br /> Change Orders for approval by Indian River County. <br /> 3 . Eight (8) hours of Bob 's time and four (4) hours of my time to perform a site <br /> inspection documenting substantial construction completion and to prepare a punch <br /> list of items requiring attention by the Contractor. <br /> 4. Eight (8) hours of Bob 's time to perform a site inspection and document final <br /> construction completion. <br /> 5 . Four (4) hours of my time to prepare a letter certifying construction completion. <br /> 6 . Four (4) hours of administrative and clerical support per month. <br /> At our existing contract labor rates , the total cost of the labor hours identified above is <br /> $20,400. 00. If mileage for eight round trips to the site (six monthly meetings, two site <br /> inspections, 270 miles each round trip) at the contract reimbursable rate of $ 0 . 375 per <br /> mile is added, the total estimated cost is $21 ,210. 00. Recognizing that there is still <br /> $3 ,500. 00 remaining in BC 's existing budget, the additional budget required is <br /> $ 17,710. 00. <br /> In addition, while site work is going on, Carter Associates, Inc . (CAD is responsible for <br /> providing two (2) hours per day of resident inspection services. Because Sur tr, it's <br /> current schedule calls for site work to be performed over a 10-month period instead of <br /> the 6-month period that was used as the basis for the original budgeting, CAI estimates <br /> that they will require an additional 60 hours of inspector time and four (4) additional <br /> engineering site visits to maintain the originally intended level of construction oversight <br /> during the extended construction period. At CAI's contractual labor rates , the total <br /> additional budget required is $4, 920 . 00. <br /> 13: A125896\ IRC Utility Operations Cornplex \1 , 102105. doc <br />