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AMENDMENT TO GRANT CONTRACT <br /> This Amendment to Grant Contract ("Amendment') is entered into effective December 11 , 20072 <br /> by and between Indian River County, a political subdivision of the State of Florida , 1840 25'h Street, Vero <br /> Beach , FL 32960 ("County") and Indian River County RIVER COUNTY HEALTHY START COALITION , <br /> INC . , a Florida corporation , having a principal place of business at 1603 10'h Avenue, Vero Beach , FL <br /> 32960 ("Recipient') . <br /> BACKGROUND RECITALS <br /> A. Effective October 3 , 2007, the County and the Recipient entered into the Grant Contract <br /> ("Contract') . <br /> B. The County and the Recipient desire to amend the Contract by increasing the amount of the <br /> Grant, in accordance with the provisions of the Contract, as set forth in this Amendment. <br /> NOW THEREFORE , for good and valuable consideration , the receipt and sufficiency of which is <br /> hereby acknowledged , the parties hereto, intending to be legally bound , covenant and agree to amend <br /> the Contract as follows : <br /> ( 1 ) The background recitals are true and correct and form a material part of this Amendment. <br /> (2 ) From and after the effective date of this Amendment, paragraph 4 is amended by deleting the <br /> first sentence in its entirety, and replacing with the following sentence: <br /> The approved Grant for the Grant Period is Thirty- Five Thousand Dollars ($35, 000 .00) . <br /> (3) All terms and conditions of the Contract not amended herein remain in full force and effect. <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the County and the Recipient have caused this Amendment to be <br /> signed by their respective duly authorized officers as of the day and year first stated above. <br /> Recipient: INDIAN RIVER COUNTY INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br /> HEALTHY START COALITION , INC . BOARD OF COUNTY C SIGNERS <br /> B <br /> Sa dra L. Bowden ; P'hairman <br /> Printed name and title : Attest : J . K. arton , Clerk <br /> By <br /> D4putyClerk ' <br /> proved : <br /> Jb proved : <br /> A . aird , County Administrator <br /> v as to form and le al sufficiency: <br /> arian E. Fell , Assistant ounty Attorney <br />