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1 <br />1 <br />is <br />0 <br />41 <br />'177 <br />budget for the ensuing fiscal year for each of the funds, as provided in Chapter 26874, Laws <br />I° of 1951, including all estimated receipts, taxes to be levied, and balances expected to be <br />II� <br />brought forward, and all estimated expenditures, reserves and balances to be carried over to <br />the end of the year, were ordered spread upon the minutes of the Board and transmit two copies <br />{' o <br />of each of the tentative budget to the Comptroller of the State of Florida, said copies,to be <br />i <br />certified by the Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners and by the County Auditor as <br />a true and correct copy of the budget as adopted by the Board of County Commissioners and the <br />original to be filed as a part of the records of the county, and is in words and figures as <br />follows: <br />sl <br />GENERAL REVENUE FUND <br />APPROPRIATIONS <br />AMOUNT <br />211. <br />Salary County Commissioners <br />$9,000.00 <br />i 212. <br />Salary Clerk Bd. Co. Commissioners <br />4,200.00 <br />0 216. <br />Salary Supervisor of Registration <br />1,800.00 <br />6 219. <br />Salary Attorney to Board <br />4,800.00 <br />1i 221. <br />Fees, Clerk Circuit Court <br />2,500.00 <br />224. <br />Commissions Tax Assessor <br />139500.00 <br />j 225. <br />Commissions Tax Collector <br />132500.00 <br />227. <br />Inquests <br />250.00 <br />y 241. <br />Maintenance Courthouse <br />8,060.00 <br />261. <br />Elections, Regis. & Equipment <br />3,000.00 <br />262. <br />Legal Advertising Expense <br />400.00 <br />263. <br />Advertising Delinquent Taxes <br />600.00 <br />264. <br />Expense, Tax Delinquent Lands <br />100.00 <br />!, 269. <br />Administrative Supplies & Expense <br />21,000.00 <br />275. <br />Sal. Juv. Judge, Counselor & Expense <br />49050.00 <br />542. <br />T. B. Hospitals <br />22200.00 <br />562. <br />Insanity Inquiries <br />19500.00 <br />563. <br />General Welfare <br />70200.00 <br />564. <br />Welfare Administration <br />3,600.00 <br />i. 565. <br />Hospital Service for the Indigent <br />172900.00 <br />671. <br />County Service Officer & Expense <br />29300.00 <br />676. <br />Zoning Department <br />71000.00 <br />�j 681. <br />Agriculture <br />10,920.00 <br />682. <br />Fire Control <br />10,527.00 <br />684. <br />Education <br />862.50 <br />685. <br />Publicity <br />12800.00 <br />811. <br />Courthouse Furniture & Equipment <br />49000.00 <br />i1 916. <br />Board of Public Instruction <br />209000.00 <br />917. <br />Indian River County Hospital <br />8,450.00 <br />Total Appropriations <br />185,019.50 <br />951. <br />County Reserve for Contingencies <br />15,000.00 <br />Cash Reserve <br />20,000.00 <br />TOTAL <br />$2209019.50 <br />REVENUES <br />130 <br />Current Taxes (8) Mills <br />176,000.00 <br />131. <br />Tax Redemptions <br />500.00 <br />j 114. <br />R.R. and Tel. License <br />300.00 <br />115. <br />Racing Money <br />3,000.00 <br />j 116. <br />Ins. Agent's County Licenses <br />700.00 <br />d 132. <br />Sales of Tax Delinq. Lands <br />20.00 <br />139. <br />Building Permits <br />71000.00 <br />123. <br />Hospital Aid to the Indigent <br />8,950.00 <br />161. <br />Rents <br />420.00 <br />151-157. <br />Excess Fees <br />91000.00 <br />Total Est. Receipts <br />2050890.00 <br />Less 5% <br />10,294.50 <br />95% of Est. Rec. <br />195,595.50 <br />Cash Balance <br />242424.00 <br />b <br />TOTAL <br />$220,019.50 <br />