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ANNUAL FIRE CONTROL REPORT <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br /> As required by the Division of Forestry, an annual report is submitted <br /> each year to review the work undertaken by the Division during the past <br /> fiscal year. <br /> Currently Indian River Co. is assessed $2,865 . 51 for fire protection of <br /> 95,517 acres . The following is a break down of the Division activities for <br /> July 1 , 2006 to June 30, 2007 . <br /> Fires - there were 27 fires this past year, and an increase in the total <br /> acreage from 432 .9 to 1549 .0 acres . Please see "Attachment A" for <br /> a complete list of fires by Cause and Acres. The Fire Department <br /> handled numerous fires where our assistance was not needed and are <br /> not reflected in this report. Lightning caused fires were the leading <br /> cause of wildfires this past year. <br /> Burning Authorizations - during the past twelve months the Division <br /> issued 870 authorizations, for 6, 101 acres. The authorizations were <br /> for agriculture, silvicultural, and limited land clearing type fires . <br /> Please see "Attachment B" for a complete list of authorizations by <br /> Burn Type and Acres . <br /> R.C.F.P. Lease - the Indian River County Fire District currently has <br /> seven radios on loan from the Division of Forestry. <br /> Division of Forestry Staffing - the Division of Forestry has one <br /> Forest Area Supervisor, one Senior Forest Ranger, and three Forest <br /> Rangers assigned to the county. The Okeechobee District has one <br /> Senior Forester and one Wildland Fire Mitigation Specialist on staff to <br /> assist with Forestry activities within Indian River County. Please see <br /> "Attachment C" for a complete list of key personnel in the <br /> Okeechobee District. <br />