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ATTACHMENT 991 / <br /> SOUTH RO PLANT CAPACITY EVALUATION <br /> REVIEW OF MAJOR SYSTEM COMPONENTS <br /> Work Order #5 <br /> Proiect Description and Understanding <br /> The purpose of this project is to review the major treatment plant components which may <br /> not be maximized to their full useful capacity or may be limited in capacity, which limits <br /> the overall treatment plant capacity of the South RO water treatment plant . There are <br /> several components , such as membrane treatment operating capacity and high service <br /> pump capacities , which have been identified through work on the PLC/HMI upgrades <br /> scope of work (work order #3 ) for the South RO plant which are limiting the overall <br /> treatment plant capacity . A letter report will be prepared identifying major components <br /> of the treatment plant which may require immediate rehabilitation and/or operational <br /> changes , which can achieve the current plant rated capacity of 8 . 57 mgd . <br /> SCOPE OF SERVICES <br /> Consultant will review the major existing plant component capacities , identify <br /> operational changes and/or rehabilitation of certain plant components to achieve 8 . 57 <br /> mgd overall treatment plant capacity, and prepare a letter report for major equipment <br /> upgrades . The scope includes the following : <br /> Task 1 — Review Plant Component Capacities <br /> Consultant will review major treatment plant components and their capacities <br /> concurrently with staff to determine areas for upgrades or rehabilitation and /or repair. <br /> Review of major treatment components will identify their current capacity and the <br /> maximum "comfortable" capacity, which can be achieved on a long-term basis without <br /> significant effect on maintenance of this equipment . Review will include actual installed <br /> capacities and will be determined from equipment serial numbers and operational and <br /> maintenance manuals . <br /> Task 2 — Prepare Summary of Recommendations <br /> Consultant will identify immediate rehabilitation and/or operational changes to major <br /> treatment processes in order to achieve and maintain a plant rating of 8 . 57 mgd maximum <br /> daily flow (MDF) . <br /> Consultant will prepare a summary of our findings and will attend a review meeting with <br /> Owner to discuss these findings . <br /> FAUtilities\UTILITY - ENGINEERING\WTP - South RO\Kimley Horn 004 - South RO Plant Capacity Proposal reO .doc <br />