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I <br /> for use with <br /> cash deposit and escrow <br /> agreement Q r / _ l <br /> CONTRACT FOR CONSTRUCTION OF REQUIRED IMPROVEMENTS <br /> NO . SD -04-03 -15 -CFCPHA (2002040022) <br /> THIS CONTRACT , made and entered into this 6th-- day of <br /> July , 2004 , by and between GHO VERO BEACH VIII , INC . , a Florida <br /> as " Developer , " and INDIAN RIVER COUNTY , a <br /> corporation , hereinafter referred to <br /> political subdivision of the State of Florida , by and through its Board of County <br /> Commissioners , hereinafter referred to as " County" . <br /> WITNESSETH : <br /> WHEREAS , Developer is commencing proceedings to effect a <br /> subdivision of land within Indian River County , Florida ; and <br /> WHEREAS , a final plat of the subdivision within the unincorporated area <br /> of Indian River County shall not be recorded until the Developer has installed the <br /> required improvements or has guaranteed to the satisfaction of the County that such <br /> improvements will be installed ; and <br /> WHEREAS , Developer requests the approval and recordation of a certain <br /> plat to be known as Brookfield at Trillium Phase 'A' ; and <br /> WHEREAS , the required improvements are to be installed after <br /> recordation of this plat under guarantees posted with the County. <br /> NOW , THEREFORE , IN CONSIDERATION OF THE MUTUAL <br /> COVENANTS AND PROMISES HEREIN CONTAINED , the parties agree as follows : <br /> 1 . Developer agrees to construct on or before ,__D___C (106 _, in <br /> a good and workmanlike manner, those Improvements described a <br /> s 'follbws : <br /> See Exhibit " A" attached hereto <br /> or otherwise required by the Indian River County Code in connection with the approval <br /> of said plat . A copy of the plat shall be recorded in the Public Records of Indian River <br /> County , Florida upon the final approval of the Board of County Commissioners and <br /> made a part hereof for all purposes . <br /> 2 . Developer agrees to construct said improvements strictly in <br /> accordance with the land development permit , the most recent set of plans and <br /> specifications for this subdivision approved by the County and on file in the Planning <br /> and Development Division , and all County development regulations and standards , <br /> F:\attomt"ancy\DOCSTLAN\k for con with cash brookfield at tril a.doc / o- <br /> y� <br />