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�O <br /> THE 8 p n <br /> CAREMARKPCS HEALTH , L. P. <br /> �NR!vER �' <br /> MANAGED PHARMACY BENEFIT SERVICES AGREEMENT <br /> CONSUMER CARD PROGRAM <br /> THIS RESTATED AGREEMENT (the " Agreement" ) is effective beginning March I , 2006 ( the " Effective <br /> Date" ) among National Association of Counties ( "Customer' ), counties that are members of the National Association of <br /> Counties (" Member County" ) and CaremarkPCS Health , L . P . , formerly known as AdvancePCS Health , L . P. <br /> ("Caremark" ), for the purpose of delineating the terms and conditions under which Caremark will provide <br /> certain <br /> managed pharmacy benefit services to Member County and Customer. This restated agreement will amend and replace all <br /> existing Member County Agreements . <br /> Customer agrees that it will require each Member County to execute an individual agreement with Caremark in the form <br /> attached hereto as Exhibit C (the " Member County Agreement" ) prior to Caremark ' s providing Services to <br /> such <br /> Member County . Caremark will not provide Services to Member County prior to the receipt of the Member County ' s <br /> execution of the Member County Agreement. <br /> 1 . STATEMENT OF SERVICES / OBLIGATIONS, <br /> 1 .2 Services . Caremark will provide Member County the services as set forth in this Section I , and the <br /> services described in any attachment, addendum or amendment hereto ( collectively the "Services" ) . Caremark may <br /> make changes to the Services from time to time so long as such changes do not materially alter any of the provisions <br /> of <br /> this Agreement. <br /> 1 .3 Participating Pharmacies. Caremark has created a network of Participating Pharmacies , which will <br /> perform pharmacy services for Participants . <br /> IA Pharmacy Help Desk and Voice Response Unit. Caremark will provide Participating Pharmacies <br /> with help desk assistance and access to Caremark ' s voice response unit during Caremark ' s hours of operation . <br /> 1 . 5 Claims Processing, <br /> a . Submission of Claims. Caremark will adjudicate Claims submitted by Participating <br /> Pharmacies to Caremark in accordance with the Participating Pharmacy ' s agreement with Caremark and the <br /> Consumer Card Program . <br /> b . Collection at Point of Sale. Customer and Member County acknowledge that Participating <br /> Pharmacies will collect from the Participant one hundred percent ( 100% ) of the applicable prescription price, <br /> discounted at the rates set forth on Exhibit B as applicable , plus a transaction fee from the Participant. <br /> 1 . 5 Customer Service. Caremark will make available to Customer, Member County and Participants a <br /> toll free number during those hours of operation maintained by Caremark . Staff will be available to answer questions <br /> on the Consumer Card Program and Consumer Card Program guidelines . <br /> 1 .6 Identification Cards. Caremark will , at its own cost, produce identification cards for Participants, <br /> which contain Member County ' s and Customer' s logo( s ) . Identification cards will be available to any individual the <br /> Member County or Customer deem appropriate . Caremark will work with Member County on the distribution method <br /> for identification cards ; provided , however if Member County requests that Caremark mail the identification cards to <br /> Members , postage and handling charges will apply . The Participant shall be responsible for paying <br /> for any <br /> prescriptions obtained while using the identification card . <br /> 1 . 7 Clinical Services and Drug Utilization Review ( " DUR " ). <br /> a . Clinical Services . Caremark may provide to Member County its member compliance <br /> programs and other programs designed to ensure proper drug utilization and encourage the use of cost-effective <br /> NACo 0- vi . doc ( 0_!14/2006 ) IRzClaiml Puce 1 of 29 <br /> This document contains propnetoninformation of Caremark , and may not he used for any purpose other than to evaluate entering into a <br /> relationship <br /> with Caremark . nor may it be duplicated or disclosed to others for any purpose . <br />