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E <br />1 <br />1 <br />0 <br />1 <br />1 <br />i <br />WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 12, 1959 <br />The Board of County emmissioners of Indian River County, met at the Courthouse, Vero <br />Beach, Florida, in a special meeting held at 9:00 o'clock A. M., Wednesday, August 12, 1959. <br />Present were Vice Chairman, D. B. McCullers, Jr., J. J. P. Hamilton, Donald Macdonald and <br />Dr. B. Q. Waddell. Absent was Robert W. Graves. Also present were Sherman N. Smith, Jr., <br />County Attorney and Katherine Morrison, Deputy Clerk. <br />The Vice Chairman announced this meeting was called for the purpose of meeting with the <br />Board of Trustees of Indian River County Public Hospital. <br />Mr. Paul Goodrich and Mr. E. G. Thatcher, Hospital Trustees were present representing <br />the Hospital and also present was Mr. Jimmie Anderson from the Hospital. Mr. Goodrich presente <br />a Resolution of the Board of Tkustees of the Indian River County Public Hospital with regard <br />to bids for the proposed additions and alterations to Indian River Public Hospital and <br />requested the Board adopt a resolution awarding said bid to E. M. Netto for submitting the <br />lowest and best bid. Upon Motion made by Commissioner Waddell, seconded by Commissioner <br />Hamilton and unanimously carried, the following Resolution was adopted: <br />R E S O L U T I O N <br />WHEREAS, the ]bard of Trustees of the Indian River County Public Hospital <br />did publish public notice requesting bids for proposed additions and alterations, Project <br />No. 2, to Indian River Memorial Hospital, Vero Beach, Florida, and which said Board did, <br />pursuant to such notice, publicly receive and open said bids; and, <br />WHEREAS, said Trustees did tabulate and consider said bids and did elect <br />to reject Alternate No. 5 and to accept Alternates Nos. 6,7, and S and after applying such <br />alternates to the base bid, the Trustees did find and determine that the adjusted base bid <br />of E. M. Netto was the lowest and best bid received; and, <br />WHEREAS, the said Board of Trustees have recommended the acceptance of <br />the bid of E. M. Netto; Now, therefore, <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, <br />Florida, that this Board does herewith concur in the findings of the Board of Trustees of the <br />Indian River County Public Hospital and does herewith approve said Board's recommendations and <br />does herewith accept the bid of E. M. Netto in the amount of $353,222.00 as the lowest and <br />best bid for the construction of said proposed additions and alterations and this Board does <br />herewith approve the form of contract between said Hospital Trustees and Indian River County <br />and the said E. M. Netto in the form presented herewith and does herewith authorize and <br />direct the Chairman and the Clerk of this Board to make, execute and deliver said contract for <br />and upon behalf of the County and to do any and all things necessary in order to consummate the <br />same. <br />Sherman N. Smith, Jr., presented the official right of way qmay received from the S <br />Road Department for U. S. #1 from Vero Beach to Wabasso together with resolution to be adopted. <br />Upon Motion made by Commissioner Waddell, seconded by Commissioner Hamilton and unanimously <br />carried, the following Resolutbn was adopted: <br />