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obtained by the Grantee from the record owners and encumbrancers <br /> of the fee title to the lands involved , or until the Grantee has <br /> obtained all Federal , State , or local permits required by law . <br /> 3 . That the proposed improvements or use authorized herein shall <br /> be consistent with the terms and conditions of this consent ; and <br /> that any improvements or use not specifically identified and <br /> authorized shall constitute a violation of the terms and condi - <br /> tions of this consent which may result in a revocation of this <br /> consent and in the institution of such legal proceedings as the <br /> Government may consider appropriate , whether or not this consent <br /> has been revoked or modified . <br /> 4 . That the exercise of the privileges hereby consented to shall <br /> be without cost or expense to the Government and under the super - <br /> vision of and subject to the approval of the said officer having <br /> immediate jurisdiction over the property and subject to such <br /> regulations as he may from time to time prescribe , including , but <br /> not limited to , the specific conditions , requirements , and <br /> specifications set forth in paragraph 14 below . <br /> 5 . That the Grantee shall supervise and maintain the said <br /> improvements and cause it to be inspected at reasonable <br /> intervals , and shall immediately repair any damage found therein <br /> as a result of such inspection , or when requested by said officer <br /> to repair any defects . Upon completion of the installation of <br /> said improvements or the making of any repairs thereto , the <br /> premises shall be restored immediately by the Grantee , at the <br /> Grantee ' s own expense , to the same condition as that in which <br /> they existed prior to the commencement of such work , to the <br /> satisfaction of said officer . <br /> 6 . That any property of the Government damaged or destroyed by <br /> the Grantee incident to the exercise of the privileges herein <br /> granted shall be promptly repaired or replaced by the Grantee to <br /> the satisfaction of the said officer , or in lieu of such repair <br /> or replacement , the Grantee shall , if so required by said officer <br /> and at his option , pay to the Government an amount sufficient to <br /> compensate for the loss sustained by the Government by reason of <br /> damage to or destruction of Government property . <br /> 7 . That the Government shall not be responsible for damages to <br /> the property or injuries to persons which may arise from or be <br /> incident to the exercise of the privileges herein granted , or for <br /> damages to the property of the Grantee , or for damages to the <br /> property or injuries to the person of the Grantee , or the persons <br /> of Grantee ' s officers , agents , servants , or employees , or others <br /> 2 <br />