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AT&T <br /> �£ a `«t 3300 Florida F : 772-466-4425 <br /> ��-•/✓ <br /> at&t 33D0 Okeechobee Road F: 772-466-5651 <br /> �'�*,— • ' Fart Pierce, FL 34947 <br /> a � o7 - y10 <br /> ATTACHMENT A <br /> SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION AGREEMENT <br /> Authority: 7E856290B Customer Name : Indian River County <br /> AT&T Contact: Steve Williams Customer Number: 772-226- 1827 <br /> Telephone # : 772-460-4425 Work Site Address : 8405 81h Street <br /> Vero Beach, FL. <br /> This Special Construction Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into by and between <br /> American Telephone and Telegraph ("AT&T") and Indian River County. AT&T and <br /> Customer hereby agree to the following terms and conditions : <br /> 1 . Tariffs. This Agreement is subject to and controlled by the provisions of AT&T's <br /> tariffs including but not limited to Section A5 of the General Subscriber Services <br /> Tariff and Section B5 of the Private Line Services Tariff and all such revisions to said <br /> tariffs as may be made from time to time. <br /> Special Construction. This Agreement is for the special construction as further <br /> described on Exhibit 1 , attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference <br /> ("Special Construction') . As consideration for the Special Construction, Customer shall <br /> pay to AT&T $11 ,905.05 ("Special Construction Charges"). Payment in full is required <br /> before the special construction will begin. Payment shall be made by mail to <br /> AT&T's offices at AT&T Payment Remittance Office - Manager Bills, P. O. Box 16649, <br /> Atlanta, GA 30321 . <br /> 2 . , or to such other address as AT&T may designate, in writing. <br /> 3 . Early Termination . Should Customer terminate or cancel this Agreement prior to <br /> the completion of construction, Customer shall remain hab'.e f;r the Special <br /> Construction Charges. Customer acknowledges and agrees AT&T shall incur <br /> substantial up-front costs in connection with its performance under this Agreement <br /> and that damages in the event of such early termination or cancellation are not readily <br /> ascertainable and that in such event of early termination payment of the Special <br /> Construction Charges is reasonable. Customer further acknowledges and agrees that <br /> it hereby waives any right to contest such payment of the Special Construction <br /> Charges for any reason, including, but not limited to reasonableness of the charges, <br /> quality of the work, or timeliness of the work. <br /> 4. Limitation of Liability. AT&T' s maximum liability arising in, out of or in any way <br /> connected to this Agreement shall be as set forth in the tariffs and in no event shall <br /> exceed Special Construction Charges paid by Customer to AT&T. <br /> SA s '.,�. <br /> ir., <br />