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TUESDAY, JANUARY 5, 1960 <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, met at <br />the Courthouse, Vero Beach, Florida in a regular meeting held at 9:00' <br />o`'clock, A. M:, Tuesday, January 5, 1960. All members were present. <br />Also present were Ed Schmucker, County Engineer, Sherman.N. Smith, Jr., i <br />Attorney, and Katherine Morrison, Secretary. <br />Robert Graves, Chairman turned the Chair over to Sherman N. Smith, <br />Jr., Attorney. <br />The Acting Chairman, Sherman N. Smith, Jr. stated the first order <br />of business is the election of a Chairman and called for nominations. <br />Commissioner Waddell nominated Robert W. Graves, Commissioner Macdonald <br />seconded'the nomination, and there being no further nominations, Robert <br />W. Graves was unanimously elected as Chairman of this Board for the <br />ensuing year. <br />Attorney Smith then turned the meeting over to Chairman Robert <br />Graves, who asked for nominations for Vice -Chairman. Commissioner Ham- <br />ilton nominated D. B. McCullers, Jr, as Vice -Chairman, Commissioner <br />Waddell seconded the nomination and there being no further nominations, <br />D. B. McCullers, Jr. was unanimously elected as Vice Chairman for the <br />ensuing year. <br />It was moved by Commissioner Hamilton, seconded by Commissioner <br />McCullers and unanimously carried, that the following County employees <br />be re-employed for the ensuing year: Sherman N. Smith, Jr., Attorney for <br />the Board; Anne Christensen, County Welfare Case Worker; James E. Roberts, <br />County Service Office; Edwin S. Schmucker, Jr., County Engineer; <br />Forrest N. McCullars, County Agent; L. C. Royal, Janitor. <br />The Chairman asked if there were any changes or additions to be <br />made to the minutes of December lst and'15th. There were none and upon <br />Motion made by Commissioner Hamilton, seconded by Commissioner McCullers <br />and unanimously carried, the minutes were approved as read. <br />M <br />t*v <br />