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�ovq � a � <br /> ADDENDUM # 15 TO CONTRACT DATED JANUARY 21 , 1997 BETWEEN INDIAN RIVER <br /> COUNTY AND MASTELLER & MOLER, INC . FOR CR 512 PAVING & DRAINAGE <br /> IMPROVEMENTS <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY PROJECT #9611 <br /> COUNTY ROUTE 512 CORRIDOR IMPROVEMENTS <br /> ROSELAND ROAD TO 1 =95 <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FL <br /> As result of discussion Indian River County Staff regarding the construction of Phase IV of the <br /> CR-512 Roadway Improvements , it has been noted that work not included in the original <br /> contract or subsequent addendums must be performed in order to ensure a successful project . <br /> County Staff has requested revisions to the CR-512 Phase IV Construction Plans between 108th <br /> Avenue 107th Court to match the location and configuration of the driveway for the proposed <br /> RaceTrac Gas Station as designed by Creech Engineers . <br /> It is understood that the proposed improvements to support the RaceTrac Gas Station will be <br /> constructed by the County ' s Contractor under a developer' s agreement . <br /> In order that the project design may be modified , we will perform the following Additional <br /> Services : <br /> Construction Plans Modification <br /> Using an electronic (AutoCAD format) copy of the Creech Construction Plans , we will modify the <br /> design of CR-512 Phase IV to move the 107th Court driveway turnout to the east and illustrate <br /> an east-bound right-turn lane between 108th Avenue and 107th Court . We will adjust the location <br /> of the proposed water main stub-out at 107th Court to align with the proposed driveway . The <br /> modifications will require revisions to the Plan & Profile , Cross-Sections , Utilities , and Striping & <br /> Signage sheets . <br /> As part of this addendum we will also prepare an opinion of probable cost (OPC) for the <br /> additional construction for the County' s use in the Developer' s Agreement , The OPC will be <br /> based on unit costs included in the Contractor' s Phase IV bid . <br /> The scope of services described above assumes that the configuration and location of the <br /> RaceTrac driveway ( 107th Court) provided by Creech is acceptable to the County . <br /> Permitting is not anticipated and not included as part of this Addendum . <br /> Creech shall provide the RaceTrac Construction plans in AutoCAD format . <br /> Project Schedule <br /> Upon receipt of the Creech plans and the County ' s Notice to Proceed , the project will be <br /> performed to the following schedule : <br /> • 90 % Plans Submittal : Within 30 days of receipt; <br /> • 100 % Plans Submittal : Within 30 days of receipt of County comment on the 90 % <br /> submittal . <br />