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(v) the Recipient shall implement, establish, and complete the BMP <br /> by December 15, 2007 ; <br /> (vi) upon completion of installation of the BMP, the Recipient shall certify and submit <br /> all required invoices for payment for the BMP to the Indian River Soil and Water <br /> Conservation District as agent for the County under the Cost Share Agreement, and <br /> the Indian River Soil and Water Conservation District shall submit the invoices to <br /> the County for further processing and payment; <br /> (vii) the Recipient shall maintain and replace the BMP for the required maintenance <br /> period set forth in Exhibit B, and, further, specifically acknowledges that the Cost <br /> Share Agreement requires reimbursement from the Recipient to the Department on <br /> a pro-rata basis for any Grant funding received for a BMP that is improperly <br /> maintained, removed, or destroyed before the end of the maintenance period set <br /> forth on Exhibit B ; <br /> (viii) the Recipient will control the land upon which the BMP is to be implemented for <br /> the time period set forth in Exhibit B and shall, upon request, provide evidence to <br /> the County demonstrating that such Recipient or the landowner, where applicable, <br /> will control the land for that period ; <br /> (ix) the Grant funds shall not be used to lobby the Florida Legislature, the judicial <br /> branch, or an agency of the State of Florida; <br /> (x) the Recipient shall maintain adequate records fully to document the use of the <br /> Grant funds for at least three (3) years after the completion of this Contract, and the <br /> County shall have access to books, records, and documents of the Recipient in <br /> connection with the Grant funds for the purpose of inspection or audit during <br /> normal business hours at the County' s expense, upon five (5) days prior written <br /> notice ; <br /> (xi) the Recipient shall comply at all times with all applicable federal, state, and local <br /> laws, rules, and regulations in connection with the BMP; <br /> (xii) the Recipient must have all applicable permits, including, but not limited to, a <br /> County Right of Way Permit, and a Consumptive Use Permit, an Environmental <br /> Resource Permit, or an Agricultural Surface Water Management Systems Permit <br /> pursuant to applicable provisions of the Florida Administrative Code to be eligible <br /> for the Grant; <br /> (xiii) the Recipient has not been placed on the State of Florida convicted vendor list kept <br /> by the Florida Department of Management Services pursuant to Florida Statutes <br /> section 287. 133 ; and <br /> (xiv) the employment by the Recipient of unauthorized aliens is a violation of Section <br /> 274A(e) of the Immigration and Nationalization Act, and if the Recipient <br /> knowingly employs unauthorized aliens, such violation shall be cause for unilateral <br /> cancellation of this Contract. <br /> 3 .0 Standard Terms. This Contract is subject to the standard terms attached hereto as Exhibit C and <br /> incorporated herein in its entirety by this reference . <br /> 2 <br />