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�* COUNTY ATTORNEY ' S FFICi /0 get <br /> . INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br /> 1801 27th Street <br /> Vero Beach , Florida 32960 <br /> 2007515 <br /> THIS DOCUMENT HAS BEEN <br /> RECORDED IN THE PUBLIC RECORDS <br /> OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY FL <br /> This iasuwuent wvas prepared by : BK- 2356 PG '. 1798 , Pagel of 6 <br /> 1 ] . Colson 07/28/2009 at 08. 14 AM , <br /> Florida I'mer & Light Company <br /> 700 Universe Boulevard JEFFREY K BARTON , CLERK OF COURT <br /> Juno Beach, Ft.. 33 -108 <br /> SUBORDINATION OF UTILITY INTERESTS <br /> Public Entity <br /> THIS AGREEMENT, entered into this 16th_ day of June 20 C9 by and between <br /> IM) IA­N RIVER C OI.1N 'I Y, aTolitic_il subdivision ofthe State of Florida hereinafter referred to as " Public Entity" and <br /> FLORIDA POWER & LIGHT COMPANY, a Florida corporation , hereutalfer referred to as "Utility " . <br /> WHEREAS , the Utility presently has an interest in certain lands that have been determined necessary <br /> for <br /> highway purposes ; and <br /> WHEREAS , the proposed use of said lands for highway purposes will require subordination of interest claimed <br /> in said lands by Utility to the Public Entity and at the request of the Public Entity, the Utility has agreed, subject <br /> to the <br /> following condition , to relocate its facilities frorn the Utility's easement lands onto public right-of-way, or has agreed <br /> to <br /> leave its facilities on the subordinated lands (hereinafter jointly referred to as " Lands " and depicted in " EXII [ BIT <br /> A " <br /> attached hereto : ) and <br /> WHEWREAS , Public Entity is willing to pay to have the Utility's facilities relocated if necessary to <br /> prevent <br /> conflict between the facilities so that the benefits of each may be retained ; <br /> NOW , THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants and promises of the parties hereto, Utility and <br /> Public Entity agree as follows : <br /> 1 . Utility is the owner of the following easements : <br /> From or Recorded in <br /> Datei1ainst- Other <br /> AbII Favor of Book- Page/ <br /> November 29 , 1974 Florida Power & Li > ht Com ORB 480 / 592 <br /> FLORIDA POWER & LIGHT COMPANY <br /> 2 . The Utility hereby subordinates any and all of its interest in that portion of said easement( s) lying within <br /> the <br /> lands described on " EXHIBIT A " attached hereto and made a part hereof, to the interest of the Public <br /> Entity, its <br /> successors or assigns , for the purpose of constructing, improving, maintaining and operating a road over, through , upon, <br /> and/or across such Lands . <br /> 3 . ' fhe Utility shall have the right to construct, operate, maintain, improve, add to, upgrade, <br /> remove, and <br /> relocate facilities on , within, and upon all the Lands described . All new construction, major reconstruction or upgrade, <br /> removal or relocation of facilities shall be made in accordance with the Public Entity's minimum standards adopted 'as of <br /> the date of this Agreement . All maintenance , operation, non-major upgrade or improvement shall be made under the <br /> Public Entity' s minimum standards applicable at the time of the original construction . Any new constructiy <br />❑ or <br /> relocation of facilities within the Lands will be subject to prior approval by the Public Entity . Should the Public Entity <br /> fail to approve any new construction or relocation of its facilities by the Utility or require the Utility to alter, <br /> adjust, or <br /> relocate its facilities from or within said I_.ands , the Public Entity hereby agrees to pay the cost <br /> of such alteration , <br /> adjustment, or relocation , including, but not limited to the cost of acquiring appropriate easements . <br /> 4 . T'he Utility shall have a reasonable right to enter upon the Lands described herein for the purposes outlined <br /> in paragraph 3 above , including the right to trim such trees, brush , and growth which might endanger or interfere <br /> with <br /> such facilities , provided that such rights do not interfere with the operation and safety of the Public Entity's facilities . <br /> 5 . The Utility agrees to repair any damage to the Public Entity's facilities and indemnify the Public <br /> Entity <br /> against any loss or damage resulting from the Company exercising its rights outlined in paragraph 3 and 4 above . <br /> Page I of 2 <br />