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- -.,- - --- <br />SRD No. 9U <br />Section W01 n-= <br />State Road <br />Indian River County <br />R E S O L U T I O N <br />ON MOTION of Commissioner Macdonald , seconded by <br />Commissioner McCullers , the Hollowing Resolution was adopted: <br />WHEREAS, the State Rend Department of Florida has established location <br />fOr that pai-t of State .Road- designated as Section AAm o <br />Job 2208_, between 37th Street at the North City limits of Vero Beach <br />Northerly to State Road S-510, Wabasso Bridge Road . <br />and proposes to construct and maintain the same as a part of its Secondary <br />Road program; and, Whereas, Tnal Fin River County is vested with all <br />right of way required for said reed; <br />NOW, THER.EFC11 2, the Board of County Commissioners of Tndian Ri3mr <br />County does hereby affirm that it is vested with all of the required right of • <br />way for said per'.on of said itate Road, and that said right of wy is legally <br />clear end has been physically cleared of all buildings, fences and other im- <br />provements; that all utility poles, lines, cables, pipes and other facilities <br />have been removed or adjusted as required for construction of said project by <br />the State P,oad Department or svch removal, and/or adjustments have been <br />arranged for and will be effected without delay to the State Read Department <br />and/or its contractors; and the State Rcad Department is hereby requested to <br />proceed with the construction and r-7.inter.ance of said portion of said State <br />Road; andT„A4 County hereby agrers .o save harmless the State <br />Road Department i'.s contrn-ctors, agents and employees, from all claims <br />arisinC out of such construction and maintenance of said road within the <br />right of way afc:^said and to defenl any and all lawsuits to completion and <br />satisfy any and all judgr,�nts thcr_iu m^.de, at the County's expense. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, the-Poard of County Commissioners of Indian River <br />County, does hereby authorize the execution of a deed conveying the herein- <br />above described property to the State of 11orida for the use and benefit of <br />the State Road Dapartnentt, <br />