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VERO BEACH PRESS -JOURNAL <br />Published Weekly <br />Vero Beach, Indian River County, Florida <br />COUNTY OF INDIAN RIVER: <br />STATE OF FLORIDA <br />Before the undersigned authority personally appeared J. J. Schumann, who <br />on oath says that he is Business Manager of the Vero Beach Press -Journal, a weekly <br />newspaper published at Vero Beach in Indian River County, Florida; that the attached <br />COPY of advertisement, being a <br />--- ---------- in the matter of <br />in the __ ----- - --- ____-___------- --- ___.__._-. Court, was pub- <br />. lished in said newspaper in the issues of ,....-_-_----..._.. -- __ ___.. <br />Affiant further says that the said Vero Beach Press -Journal is a newspaper published at <br />VeroBeach, in said Indian River County, Florida, and that the said newspaper has heretofore <br />been continuously published in said Indian River Coanty, Florida, weekly and has been entered <br />as as ... d class mail matter at the post office in Vero Beach, in said Indian River County, Florida, <br />for a period of one year next preceeding the first publication of the attached copy of advertisement; <br />and affiant further says that he has neither paid nor promised any person, firm or corporation <br />any discount, rebate, commission o refund. for the purpose of securing this advertisement for <br />publication in the said newspaper. r <br />Swore to and subscribed before me this.1_= of _.__, • , v,.. A. D. <br />(Business Manager) `- <br />;--7/ ore <br />(Clerk of a Circuit Court, Indian River County, Florida) <br />(SEAL) <br />of Indian: Rfv,r GditFF <br />Florida wtYl zeoetve bila to t <br />hour of 9:W o'clock A. M. Tuesdi <br />.August 2, 19N :and at the gat <br />time Publicly open the same at <br />meeting of said Roard in the.'f <br />d an River County Ccurthouae, Vs <br />�Reach, Florida for sale to the 1;11 <br />ly of the following-.. materials <br />meet the needs of said Couil <br />through July 3a, 190. Doliveri <br />.will be made from time to time <br />'eppropriate load- lot& as raqua <br />'.—Pt as h8dleated: <br />1. — 30 thuagaiid board feet <br />sized bridge lumber all EWe- I. <br />long in 2' ,"'a <br />4. x 10'8 and <br />few: 10 x 10'a. Bids .will beef <br />sldered on Florida dense pate., n <br />less than 85. P*c-at. "beast. dr A <br />palachian white and red oak ajeu <br />aural grade 3A and better, to 1 <br />delivered In approxtu stely TINO I <br />units at County .Barn. <br />2a. — Unit Prlce on. appreximat <br />ly 500 tone. of Type. II Asphaltic Ca <br />Crete Surface Coarse (Florlda Sts; <br />Road Department Specifications) d <br />livered at Plant sate as needed., <br />2b.: , Unit Price <br />. bid for haultC <br />I <br />preadingutievc.material cs Toads by approved meehan <br />reader and tolling in a, <br />ce with SBD specifications s <br />.IInitPrice bid delivered i <br />unty Barn for 12 lb. treat. <br />eFlorida dense Arne pilin <br />to 35 ft bong: ain., b2 Iinch tip, SRD,. 6pecalcatldcu <br />nit price bid - 12 inch ar 1 <br />22 it 12 lb. treated Cap sdi, <br />x 10 inch x 24 font 12 1t <br />Unit pnl <br />2(810 tons <br />lite. Ocala a' <br />ick fo. b.. <br />5.-L' Un' Lo <br />J!iaa F' <br />--�ie0, <br />fa h eel ed to <br />9. — Unit pnCe bt8r: <br />f maeelY ?QOO --c r <br />g and rail icr efts, �" <br />iaquare bridge handrail'. <br />mine <br />Armco Flex. he' <br />_ _them Safety be.— <br />livered to Our County Barn. <br />10. — Lump <br />sum bid for ten spam <br />Of deformed concrete reinforcing <br />steel, cut. beat, huadled :and tagged <br />>n huddles for each type of bar and. <br />each .Pan, as per County reinforcing <br />roar billing for concrete bridges. Ap-:": <br />fprotdmata1Y 26,000. the. Remforcing <br />Ibar bill available at Office of County <br />Engineer, Courthouse, Vero Seseh, <br />Florida. <br />11. — Approximately 25,000 gal - <br />lots of regular .gasoline and ap- <br />proximately 5000 gallons of diesel <br />fuel all In accordance with spacife <br />cations and bid prppdsal forms at <br />the Officeof the County Englneer; <br />Courthouae, Ver. 'Beach,Florida. <br />12. — Approximately 343 yards of <br />3000.#ready mixed concrete for <br />Pouring bridge slabs forms. Or. <br />livered to our County Barn, pours <br />are m 21.5 yard lots. Also approxi. <br />matelY 100 yardsof 2W0# and/or <br />8000# ready mix co -rete delivered <br />In as little as 1 yard quantities fee <br />iseellaneous peaus at various <br />P -1-t- In the County for bridge. and <br />headwalls. <br />13. — Unit price bid for square <br />yard for a 6" depth Soil Cement <br />onstruotan m amounts and in <br />areas as requested by County Engl- <br />e The Countyready <br />a fu h base <br />material graded a dy f ixing. <br />C my to furnish grading of mixed. <br />mattial .and final hard Pl ning,: <br />