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For those reasons, the county has the following objections : <br /> A. Proposed Amendment is inconsistent with Provisions of Chapter 171 , F.S. <br /> When annexed, the subject property did not meet Chapter 171 , F. S . requirements for <br /> contiguity of the annexed area to the incorporated city area. In this case, the extent of <br /> contiguity between the 392 acre annexed area and the city is 230 feet. This does not <br /> appear to meet the contiguity standard identified in Volusia County vs. City of Deltona. <br /> B. Proposed Amendment is inconsistent with Indian River County Comprehensive <br /> Plan Future Land Use Element Policies 1 . 17, 1 .32, 14.2, and 14.3 <br /> These policies address land use compatibility. As structured, these policies ensure that <br /> the county will not create land use incompatibilities with changes to its Future Land Use <br /> Map. One of those policies, Policy 1 .32, provides that the county will regulate the use of <br /> land in proximity to large-scale public facilities to protect the facilities from <br /> encroachment. <br /> In this case, the City of Fellsmere proposes to establish residential uses adjacent to one of <br /> the county' s large scale public facilities. That facility, the county gun range, is adjacent <br /> and contiguous to the Fellsmere 392 property' s proposed residential land use designation. <br /> Because residential uses are incompatible with noise producing uses such as gun ranges, <br /> this proposed amendment is inconsistent with Policy 1 . 32 . <br /> Not only is the proposed residential land use designation of the Fellsmere 392 property <br /> incompatible with the adjacent gun range, the proposed residential designation is also <br /> incompatible with the existing industrial uses and the industrially designated parcels to <br /> the east of the subject property. Because of the noise, lights, smells, and other impacts <br /> from industrial facilities, residential uses on the Fellsmere 392 property are not <br /> appropriate. <br /> Finally, there is the road compatibility issue. Currently, FDOT is developing plans to <br /> six-lane 1-95 adjacent to the proposed residential portion of the Fellsmere 392 project. In <br /> other parts of the county, the six-laning is generating requests for unaesthetic sound walls <br /> adjacent to development projects. To avoid the installation of sound walls and limit the <br /> potential for incompatibility, the Fellsmere 392 property should not be designated <br /> residential. <br /> C. Proposed Amendment is Inconsistent with Indian River County Comprehensive <br /> Plan Future Land Use Element Policies 1 .18, 1 .20, and 1 .21 , and 1 .25 <br /> These policies indicate that commercial/industrial areas shall be structured as nodes, that <br /> node size shall be based on intended use, that node configuration will not produce strip <br /> commercial development, and that node sizes are listed in Table 2 . 12 of the Future Land <br /> Use Element. <br /> 2 <br />