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C . The COUNTY shall make provisions for the CONSULTANT to enter upon <br /> public property as required for the CONSULTANT to perform his services . <br /> SECTION III = SCOPE OF SERVICES <br /> The CONSULTANT agrees to perform professional services in relation to <br /> Wvw4lar %d - <br /> meetings, County Staff assistance and supervision of the installation of the 49;mw <br /> mitigation plan and related services in connection with the project as required and set <br /> forth in the following : <br /> A. GENERAL <br /> 1 . The CONSULTANT will endeavor not to duplicate any previous work <br /> done on the project. After issuance of written authorization to proceed, <br /> the CONSULTANT shall consult with the COUNTY to clarify and define <br /> the COUNTY ' S requirements for the project and review all available data. <br /> 2 . The CONSULTANT will attend conferences with the COUNTY and its <br /> representatives upon reasonable request. <br /> 3 . In order to accomplish the work described under this Agreement in the <br /> time frames and conditions set forth in this Agreement, the <br /> CONSULTANT will observe the following requirements : <br /> a . The CONSULTANT will complete his work on the project <br /> within the time allowed by maintaining an adequate staff on the <br /> work at all times . <br /> b . The CONSULTANT will be utilized for construction, <br /> coordination meetings and Supervision of mitigation per the <br /> approved Mitigation Plan, <br /> 4 . Compensation to the CONSULTANT for basic services shall be in <br /> accordance with Section V of this Agreement, as mutually agreed upon by <br /> the CONSULTANT and COUNTY . <br /> 2 <br /> F:\Engineering\Capital Projects\0399 North County Regional Park, Phase H\0399 AGR ECG-Prof Consultant Services-cjk.doc <br />