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SECTION XXIII - Public Records . The Consultant shall comply with the <br /> provisions of Chapter 119 , Florida Statutes ( Public Records Law) in <br /> connection with this Master Agreement. <br /> SECTION XXIV Counterparts. This First Amendment may be executed in <br /> one or more counterparts, each of which shall be deemed to be an <br /> original copy and all of which shall constitute but one and the same <br /> instrument. <br /> (9) All terms and conditions of the Master Agreement not amended herein remain in <br /> full force and effect. All references to the Master Agreement shall be deemed to be to the <br /> Master Agreement, as amended by this First Amendment, <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF , the County and the Consultant have caused this First <br /> Amendment to be signed by their respective duly authorized officers as of the day and <br /> year first stated above . <br /> Consultant: INDIAN RIVER COUNT'` <br /> Geographic hnologies Group Inc . BOARD OF COUNTY COK2MISSIONERS <br /> By: By : �.tJN x _ <br /> Gary C. eeler, ' hairinan <br /> ti . <br /> Printed name : Attest: J. K. Barto '. CfBrk � <br /> CUf/TI �J I111�{� By ; kR <br /> Deputy Clerk <br /> Printed title : <br /> Approved : <br /> MCo�unty Adnhinistrator- le I su iency: <br /> v JCounty ttorney <br /> 3 <br />