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NEC <br /> NEC Unified Solutions, Inc. <br /> FIRST AMENDMENT TO THE SUPPLEMENT TO MASTER PURCHASE AGREEMENT <br /> (PARTS AND LABOR COVERAGE ATTACHMENT) <br /> This First Amendment ("First Amendment") to the Supplement to the Master Purchase Agreement (Parts & <br /> Labor Coverage Attachment) between Indian River County ("Customer") and NEC Unified Solutions, Inc, <br /> ("NEC") that was signed by Customer on April 10, 2007 and by NEC on April 2, 2007 (the " Agreement") is <br /> entered into effective as of June 16, 2007 ("Effective Date"). <br /> BACKGROUND RECITALS <br /> A. All capitalized terms not specifically defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Agreement. <br /> B. The Agreement was an annual agreement with an expiration date of June 16, 2007, and, by this First <br /> Amendment the Parties desire to extend the current coverage term for the Additional Premises (as such term is <br /> hereinafter defined) to be coterminous with the tern for the Courthouse which commenced on March 31 ", <br /> 2007 for five (5) years. <br /> C . NEC and the Customer wish to amend the Agreement accordingly. <br /> NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants contained herein, and other good and valuable <br /> consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which hereby are acknowledged, the Parties hereby agree as follows: <br /> 1 . ADD Parts & Labor coverage for the hardware equipment ("Additional Equipment") listed in the Schedule of <br /> Maintenance Coverage for the Indian River County Administration (collectively, such Equipment and <br /> software is referred to as the "Additional System"), installed at 1800 27`" Street, Vero Beach, FL 32960 (the <br /> "Additional Premises"), as set forth below. <br /> T74bi ' ly -z EXTENDED <br /> FOCENZER <br /> rieteEr -E<twt . <br /> -BITE 101i1ZI8A�lmisfntien - <br /> NEAX2400IPX Ports 944 $14,251 .56 $ 18, 124.80 <br /> AIMWORX Rel5 Ea 1 $ 1 , 179.45 $ 1 ,500.00 <br /> ACD REL 4.04 Ea 1 $393 . 15 $500.00 <br /> RECTIFIER Ea 1 Included Included <br /> PRO TED AMOUNT FOR YEAR 1 $15,824.16 <br /> TOTAL ANNUAL AMOUNT FOR YEARS 2-5 . $20.- - - -- <br /> 2. <br /> 20 124802. As of the Effective Date, the formerly yearly term for the Additional Premises shall be coterminous with <br />the five <br /> (5) year term for the Courthouse which commenced on March 3191, 2007. <br /> 3 . Upon NEC 's receipt of an executed First Amendment from Customer, NEC shall promptly invoice Customer for <br /> the remaining two hundred eighty-seven (287) days of the first year of the term for the Additional Premises ("First <br /> Year Balance"). Upon receipt, Customer shall promptly remit pro-rated payment in the amount of $15,824.16 for <br /> the First Year Balance in accordance with the original terms of the Agreement. <br /> 4. All other terms and conditions in the Agreement, not amended above, will remain in effect. Alterations to this <br /> First Amendment will not be valid unless accepted in writing by a NEC officer or authorized designee. <br /> 5 . The background recitals are true and correct and form a material part of this First Amendment. <br /> Rev. 1 Pagel of 2 <br />