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no later than July 1 , 2011 . This request will then be considered by the DISTRICT Board , whose <br /> decision shall be final . <br /> 3 . ASSISTANCE AMOUNT - The DISTRICT shall contribute no more than Fifty <br /> percent 50 o of the PROJECT SPONSOR' S out-of-pocket costs for completion of this <br /> PROJECT ( " PROJECT AMOUNT " ) . Payment of funds by the DISTRICT to the PROJECT <br /> SPONSOR (the " ASSISTANCE AMOUNT " ) will be on a reimbursement basis only, and only <br /> for those authorized PROJECT COSTS as shown in Exhibit B and meeting the requirements of <br /> Paragraph 5 below and shall not , in any event , exceed $ 175 , 000 . 00 . <br /> 4 . MATCHING FUNDS - The PROJECT SPONSOR warrants and represents that <br /> it has the PROJECT SPONSOR Match Amount (the PROJECT AMOUNT less the <br /> ASSISTANCE AMOUNT) available for the completion of the PROJECT and shall , prior to the <br /> execution of this Agreement , have provided the DISTRICT with suitable evidence of the <br /> availability of such funds using DISTRICT Form 495 - 01 (Exhibit C ) , and including upon <br /> request, providing the DISTRICT with access to applicable books and records , financial <br /> statements , and bank statements . <br /> 5 . PROJECT COSTS - To be eligible for reimbursement under the Project <br /> Agreement, PROJECT COSTS must be necessary and reasonable for the effective and efficient <br /> accomplishment of the PROJECT and must be directly allocable thereto . PROJECT COSTS are <br /> generally described in Exhibit B . PROJECT COSTS must be incurred and work performed <br /> within the PROJECT period, with the exception of pre - agreement costs , if any specifically <br /> identified in Paragraph 6 below, which are also eligible for reimbursement by the DISTRICT . <br /> 6 . PRE -AGREEMENT COSTS - The DISTRICT and the PROJECT SPONSOR <br /> fully understand and agree that there shall be no reimbursement of funds by the DISTRICT for <br /> any obligation or expenditure made prior to the execution of this Project Agreement, unless <br /> approved by the District Board . <br /> T REIMBURSEMENT PROCEDURES - PROJECT COSTS shall be reported to <br /> the DISTRICT and summarized on the Payment Reimbursement Request Form (Form #90 - 14 ) <br /> attached as Exhibit D . Supporting documentation including bills and canceled payment vouchers <br /> for expenditures shall be provided to the DISTRICT by the PROJECT SPONSOR or LIAISON <br /> AGENT with any payment request . All records in support of the PROJECT COSTS included in <br />