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/ x <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY a <br /> PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT <br /> PROJECT #7018 <br /> PROFESSIONAL GEOTECHNICAL SERVICES AGREEMENT <br /> FOR ANNUAL PROFESSIONAL GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING <br /> SERVICES <br /> THIS AGREEMENT , entered into this 4th day of January , 2005 by and <br /> between INDIAN RIVER COUNTY , a political subdivision of the State of Florida , <br /> hereinafter referred to as the "COUNTY" , and ARDAMAN & ASSOCIATES , INC . , <br /> hereinafter referred to as the "GEOTECHNICAL PROFESSIONAL" . <br /> WITNESSETH <br /> That the COUNTY and the GEOTECHNICAL PROFESSIONAL , in consideration <br /> of their mutual covenants , herein agree with respect to the performance of professional <br /> geotechnical and testing services by the GEOTECHNICAL PROFESSIONAL , and the <br /> payment for those services by the COUNTY , as set forth below and in individual Work <br /> Orders . This agreement shall be referred to as the " MASTER AGREEMENT" under <br /> which future Work Orders will apply. <br /> The GEOTECHNICAL PROFESSIONAL shall provide the COUNTY with <br /> professional geotechnical and testing services and such other related services as <br /> defined in specific Work Orders , in all phases of each project . The GEOTECHNICAL <br /> PROFESSIONAL shall serve as the COUNTY' s professional representative for the <br /> project as set forth in- each Work Order, and shall give professional geotechnical advice <br /> to the COUNTY during the performance of the services to be rendered . <br /> SECTION I — PROJECT LIMITS <br /> Project limits shall be identified in individual Work Orders prepared by the <br /> COUNTY and approved by the GEOTECHNICAL PROFESSIONAL . Each Work Order <br /> will be sequentially numbered and formally approved by the COUNTY prior to a Notice- <br /> to- Proceed being issued . <br /> Basic services required of the GEOTECHNICAL PROFESSIONAL for the project <br /> will be described in other appropriate sections of this Agreement and in individual Work <br /> Orders . <br /> SECTION II — COUNTY OBLIGATIONS <br /> The COUNTY agrees to provide the following material , data , or services as <br /> required in connection with the work to be performed under this Agreement : <br /> A . Provide the GEOTECHNICAL PROFESSIONAL with a copy of any <br /> pertinent preliminary data or reports available to the COUNTY . <br /> B . Provide the GEOTECHNICAL PROFESSIONAL with all reasonably <br /> available drawings , surveys , right-of-way maps , and other documents in <br /> the possession of the COUNTY that are pertinent to the project . <br /> 1 <br /> C : \Documents and Settings\dandre\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\OLKBC\7018 AGREEMENT-Ardaman <br /> Assoc (3 ) . doc <br /> x <br />