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C . The COUNTY shall be responsible for obtaining only those permits <br /> required to perform the work to complete the project , if such permit <br /> requirements are made into law and established by regulatory agencies <br /> after the effective date of the Work Order. <br /> D . The COUNTY shall make all provisions for the GEOTECHNICAL <br /> PROFESSIONAL to enter upon public or private property as reasonably <br /> required for the GEOTECHNICAL PROFESSIONAL to perform his <br /> services . <br /> E . The COUNTY shall supply the GEOTECHNICAL PROFESSIONAL with <br /> copies of all applicable local codes and regulations . <br /> SECTION III — SCOPE OF SERVICES <br /> The GEOTECHNICAL PROFESSIONAL agrees to perform all necessary <br /> professional geotechnical and testing services and other pertinent services in <br /> connection with the assigned project as required and as set forth in the following : <br /> A . General <br /> 1 . The GEOTECHNICAL PROFESSIONAL will endeavor not to <br /> duplicate any previous work done on any project . Before issuance <br /> of a Work Order and written authorization to proceed , the <br /> GEOTECHNICAL PROFESSIONAL shall consult with the COUNTY <br /> to clarify and define the COUNTY' s requirements for the project <br /> and review all available data . <br /> 2 . The GEOTECHNICAL PROFESSIONAL shall attend conferences <br /> with the COUNTY and its representatives , upon request . <br /> 3 . In order to accomplish the work described under this Agreement <br /> under the time frames and conditions set forth in this Agreement, <br /> the GEOTECHNICAL PROFESSIONAL shall : <br /> a . Complete work on the project within the time allowed by <br /> maintaining an adequate staff of registered professional <br /> geotechnical engineers and technicians and other <br /> employees on the work at all times . <br /> b . Comply with all federal , state , and local laws applicable to <br /> this project( s ) . The GEOTECHNICAL PROFESSIONAL <br /> work product shall conform with all applicable federal , state <br /> and local laws applicable to this project(s) . <br /> c . The GEOTECHNICAL PROFESSIONAL shall cooperate <br /> fully with the COUNTY in order that all phases of the work <br /> may be properly scheduled and coordinated . <br /> 4 . All original documents ( copy of) , survey notes , tracings , and the <br /> like , including all items furnished to the GEOTECHNICAL <br /> PROFESSIONAL by the COUNTY pursuant to this Agreement, are <br /> and shall remain the property of the COUNTY, and shall be <br /> delivered to the COUNTY upon completion of the work. <br /> 5 . Compensation to the GEOTECHNICAL PROFESSIONAL for basic <br /> services shall be in accordance with each Work Order, as mutually <br /> agreed upon by the GEOTECHNICAL PROFESSIONAL and the <br /> 2 <br /> C :\DOCUME� l \WORKST� l \LOCALS� l \TEMPORA \7018 AGREEMENT-Dunkelberger Engineering .doc <br />