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to which this Agreement applies ; to prepare and disseminate information to the general <br /> public regarding the Project; to administer the Project in accord with the terms of the <br /> Project Contract, including all attachments and references therein, entered into between <br /> the State of Florida, Housing Finance Corporation (hereinafter "FHFC"), and the Local <br /> Government, <br /> NOW THEREFORE, the parties hereto agree as follows : <br /> ARTICLE 1 <br /> A. GENERAL ADMINISTRATION <br /> SCOPE OF THE SERVICES OF THE ADMINISTRATOR <br /> The Administrator shall provide the following services for the general <br /> administration aspect of the Project: <br /> 1 . Coordinator, monitor, and evaluate the direct costs of the overall program, <br /> including but not limited to the multiple activities outlined in the <br /> subsections of the Agreement below. <br /> 2 . Develop , plan, implement, and assess the citizen' s participation to all <br /> community organizations , including but not limited to providing program <br /> information, technical assistance to citizens, publishing applicable notices, <br /> and conducting applicable meetings and/or hearings, as well as responding <br /> to citizen inquiry regarding the Project. <br /> 3 . Dissemination to the public of all programs involving citizens <br /> participation to all Community organizations , including, but not limited to <br /> providing the program information, technical assistance to community <br /> groups, and dissemination of materials . <br /> 2 <br />