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E. P. McCo rkle, appeared before the Board requesting that sign Boards be erect( <br />on the Highway at the North and South lines of the County. It was ordered that two <br />such sign Boards size 8 x 24 at.a price of $90.00 each be purchased and erected on <br />the Highway at the North and South county line, and the Becreta3y of the Chamber of <br />Commerce is instructed and authorized to prepare the necessary advertising to be <br />placed there6n. Payment for such boards to be, made from the Publicity Fund., <br />The County Engineer and the Road Superintendent, together with several citizens <br />of Minter Beach being present the Board went into executive session respecting the <br />employment of white- and negro labor for the construction of roads in this County, <br />and the same having been fully discussed and considered, it was ordered that the <br />_ y _... entirely <br />. Count b e left ent _ ....... <br />matter of employment of labor for road construction in this <br />with the County Engineer and Road Superintendent, it being the opinion of all member: <br />of the Board present that results from that department in road ednstruotion is the - <br />first and primary consideration of this Board. <br />The County Engineer was instructed to build a bridge on road between Emersion <br />Avenue and lateral "B". <br />The County Enggmeer was instructed to build a bridge across Range line canal <br />on Walker ,Av enu e. <br />Donald Forbes representing the Indian River Fauns Drainage District appeared <br />before the Board regarding erection of bridge across new ditch on Road B-8 at Seat <br />27 Tp .33 S.R.39 East , and advised the Board that the Drainage Di strict will furnish <br />the lumber if the County will build the Bridge, which was accepted by the Board, and <br />the Engineer instructed to build such bridge, upon the terms outlined. <br />On motion made, seconded and carried the Board then adjourned until Thursday, <br />July 5th 1928 at 2:00 P.M.. <br />- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - <br />THURSDAY. JfJIY 5th 1928, <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, pursuant to adjourn - <br />meat, on lbabM=d Tuesday, July 3rd 19281, met at the Cderkt s office in the County of <br />Indian River <br />and <br />the following County commissioners were presents <br />John H. <br />Atkin, <br />Chairman; Geo <br />A. <br />Braddock; J. V. laBruce and 0. 0. Helsethe also <br />present <br />were Miles <br />Warren# Clerk and T,H.Butherland, Sheriff. <br />The Tax books being ready to be returned to the Tax'Assessor for the purpose of <br />extending the taxes thereon as provided by law the Board of County Commissioners to <br />up the matter of making an estimate of the necessary expenses for the fiscal year,. <br />from October 1st, 1928 to the 30 day of September 1929, and hewing considered the <br />receipts estimated by the Clerk and the valuation of the property of the County as <br />shown by the assessment rolls prepared by the Tax Assessor and having given full <br />consideration to the needs and necessities of the County and the requirements for the <br />different purposes to meet the eioenses during the said fiscal year, have determined <br />and do hereby declare the following to be the expenses and all special and estra- <br />ordinary expenses contemplated for the fiscal year next ensuing and for which the <br />revenue for the year 1928 from ad valorem taxation and the estimated receipts from <br />other sourees will be available: <br />GENERAL REVENUE FUD. <br />G 1., ftlary of Clerk as Clerk to Board* .......41,800.00 <br />2. County Commissioners per diem etc......... 550.00 <br />3. County Judge as Judge County Court........ 19200.00 <br />.7. Prosecuting attorney County Court ......... 400.00 <br />8. Attorney of County Commis si oners.......... 600.00 <br />9. Supervisor of Registration.. 300.00 <br />15.FUR1TITURE & FIXTURES,Court House.......... 195.00 <br />17.Janitor.....::...:.........:..:..:�..:: 480.0© <br />20.Incidenta1 expenses 1 000 00 <br />i <br />