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STATE OF FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION <br />INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT FOR CREATION OF TH <br />METROPOLITAN PLANNING ORGANIZATION <br />FORM 525-010-01 j a <br />POLICY PLANNING Hi ri' <br />OGC - 07/03 <br />THIS INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT is made and entered into this day of , 2004, by and <br />between the FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION; the COUNTY OF IND AN RIVER; the <br />CITIES OF VERO BEACH, SEBASTIAN and FELLSMERE; the TOWNS OF INDIAN ' ER SHORES and <br />ORCHID, and the SCHOOL DISTRICT OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY. <br />RECITALS <br />WHEREAS, the Federal Government, under the authority of 23 United States Code <br />States Code 5303, requires each metropolitan area, as a condition to the receipt of federal ca <br />assistance to have a continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive transportation planning pr <br />plans and programs consistent with the comprehensively planned development of the metro <br />further requires the State Transportation Agency and the Metropolitan Planning Organizatio <br />Agreement clearly identifying the responsibilities of each party for cooperatively carrying o <br />transportation planning; <br />34 and 49 United <br />ital or operating <br />cess that results in <br />olitan area, and <br />to enter into an <br />t such <br />WHEREAS, the parties to this Interlocal Agreement desire to participate cooperative y in the <br />performance, on a continuing basis, of a coordinated, comprehensive transportation plannin:, process to assure <br />that highway facilities, mass transit, rail systems, air transportation and other facilities will .e properly located <br />and developed in relation to the overall plan of community development; <br />WHEREAS, 23 United States Code Section 134, as amended by the Intermodal Surf. ce Transportation <br />Efficiency Act of 1991 and the Transportation Equity Act for the Twenty-first Century (Pub is Law 105-178, <br />112 Stat 107), 49 United States Code 5303-5307, 23 Code of Federal Regulations 450.306. d Section <br />339.175 Florida Statutes, provide for the creation of Metropolitan Planning Organizations to develop <br />transportation plans and programs for metropolitan areas; <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to 23 United States Code 134(b) 49 United States Code 5303, <br />Regulations 450.306(a), and Section 339.175, Florida Statutes, a determination has been ma <br />and units of general purpose local government representing at least 75% of the affected pop <br />the central city or cities) in the metropolitan area to designate a Metropolitan Planning Org <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to Section 339.175(3), Florida Statutes, by letter to Mr. Walter <br />Chairman dated April 5, 2004, the Governor has agreed to the apportionment plan of the m <br />proposed Indian River County Metropolitan Planning Organization as set forth in this Agree <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to 23 Code of Federal Regulations 450.306(c), and Section 33 <br />Statutes, an interlocal agreement must be entered into by the Department and the governmen <br />designated by the Governor for membership on the MPO; <br />WHEREAS, the interlocal agreement is required to create the Indian River County M-tropolitan <br />Planning Organization and delineate the provisions for operation of the MPO; <br />23 Code of Federal <br />e by the Governor <br />lation (including <br />ization; <br />Barnes, MPO <br />mbers of the <br />ent; <br />.175(1)(b), Florida <br />al entities <br />WHEREAS, the undersigned parties have determined that this Interlocal Agreement atisfies the <br />