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03/ 29; 2007 13 : 52 7725694317 COATTY PAGE 02 2O-`) I' 213 <br /> INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT FOR PURCHASE OF PROPERTY FOR STORMWATER <br /> RETENTION AREA, TEMPORARY CONSTRUCTION EASEMENT , PURCHASE OF <br /> PROPERTY FOR RIGHT-OF-WAY, SEWER AND WATER CONNECTIONS AND SIZING <br /> OF OUT FALL STRUCTURE <br /> BETWEEN THE <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> AND <br /> THE SCHOOL DISTRICT OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA <br /> THIS AGREEMENT, entered into the 5th day of June , 20070 by and between <br /> Indian River County Board of County Commissioners, State of Florida, located at 1 a40 25'h Street, <br /> Vero Beach, Florida, hereinafter called COUNTY, and the School District of Indian River County, <br /> Florida, located at 1990 25u' Street, Vero Beach, Florida, hereinafter called the SCHOOL DISTRICT. <br /> WITNESSETH <br /> WHEREAS, the COUNTY is in the process of constructing necessary roadway and <br /> intersection improvements to Oslo Road between 20th Avenue and 27th Avenue, including roadway <br /> expansion and stormwater treatment in Indian River County, Florida; and <br /> WHEREAS , the COUNTY will also make improvements to the Oslo Road 20th Avenue <br /> intersection, including the addition of tum lanes on 20th Avenue; and <br /> WHEREAS, the SCHOOL DISTRICT owns property adjacent to the proposed roadway <br /> improvements that is currently undeveloped, an aerial photograph is attached; and <br /> WHEREAS, The SCHOOL DISTRICT has already conveyed 80 feet of their property <br /> adjacent to Oslo Road to be used as right-of-way by the COUNTY to achieve the COUNTY ' S ultimate <br /> right-of-way needed for the Oslo Road improvement project. The recorded deed can be found at OR <br /> Book 1898 page 573 of the Public Records of Indian River County. A sketch of the right-of-way <br /> property that has been conveyed is attached to this agreement as Exhibit A and incorporated by <br /> reference here in; and <br /> WHEREAS , the COUNTY owns and maintains water and sewer facilities adjacent to properly <br /> owned by the SCHOOL DISTRICT; and <br /> WHEREAS, the SCHOOL DISTRICT may construct buildings on their property in the future <br /> which would require connections to the nearby water and sewer facilities; and <br /> WHEREAS ; if the SCHOOL DISTRICT does construct buildings on their property in the <br /> future, it would need to treat stormwater runoff from their property. <br /> 1 <br /> 1859787 <br /> Phis document was prepared by THIS DOCUMENT HAS BEEN RECORDED <br /> &L{I Rli6tdltl lie Tel �9CT:'d t0 IN THE PUBLIC RECORDS OF <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY FL <br /> tho Conray AttorrvYs Office, BK : 2186 P13 : 13 % Paget of 11 <br /> 1g 0 `, Dill St-, V�tv Beach, 87!20/2907 at 04:02 PM, <br /> Florida $2960 JEFFREY K BARTON, CLERK OF <br /> COURT <br />