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f • <br /> 2 . Fuel Depot Operational Costs and Fuel Purchasing. Fuel shall be purchased as <br /> needed under a Four-County Co -Op Bid or similar bid by Indian River County . All <br /> fueling shall be monitored by a personal computer using fleet management software that <br /> will keep a log of each vehicle ' s fuel withdrawal . All users (COUNTY, Sheriff' s <br /> Department, SCHOOL DISTRICT, Council on Aging, etc . ) shall be billed monthly by <br /> the COUNTY for actual fuel cost per gallon plus a $ . 058 per gallon surcharge that will <br /> include $ . 027 per gallon for an equipment renewal and replacement fund and $ . 031 per <br /> gallon for operating costs . The COUNTY shall purchase and make payment to the <br /> supplier for all fuel . The aforementioned surcharge was computed based upon the <br /> attached Exhibit "B " labeled "Fuel Surcharge" dated July 23 , 2004 , prepared by the <br /> Indian River County Office of Management and Budget. Each user shall fuel its ' own <br /> vehicles , unless it is decided by both COUNTY and SCHOOL DISTRICT staff that an <br /> operator is needed on a more frequent basis and both parties agree to fund an operator <br /> based on prorated fuel usage as determined by historical uses . Additional costs shall be <br /> shared based upon fuel consumption (% of gallons pumped) . If a fuel spill occurs , the <br /> party responsible for the spill shall clean up the area and pay any costs attributable to the <br /> spill . If the spill is caused by equipment malfunction, the spill shall be cleaned up by <br /> the COUNTY and all costs paid by the 2 . 7 ¢ renewal and replacement fund . The <br /> COUNTY shall be responsible for maintaining the fuel depot including equipment. The <br /> COUNTY shall bill each party using fuel and collect the fuel costs monthly . If the <br /> surcharge is not sufficient to maintain, replace, or add additional needed equipment, the <br /> COUNTY and SCHOOL DISTRICT shall share the additional cost based upon pro -rata <br /> fuel usage . <br /> 3 . Custodial Costs and Modifications/Repairs. The SCHOOL DISTRICT and <br /> COUNTY shall each be responsible for all custodial services and costs and <br /> modifications/repairs within their respective buildings, parking lots, and adjacent <br /> spaces , unless specified herein as joint responsibilities . <br /> 4 . Grounds Maintenance. All landscape areas , including irrigation system, <br /> stormwater ponds and perimeter buffers , shall be maintained on a contractual basis by a <br /> licensed, insured landscape maintenance company, under contract with the SCHOOL <br /> DISTRICT . The SCHOOL DISTRICT and COUNTY shall mutually agree on a scope <br /> Page 2 of 7 <br />