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9 . The laws of the State of 141orida shall govern all asPects of this Agrceinent . <br /> In the event it is necessary for either party to initiate legal action regarding this <br /> Agreement, venue shall be in the Nineteenth Circuit for claims under statf. law and in <br /> the Southern District of Florida for any claims that are justifiable in federal court . In <br /> the event of any such litigation , the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover <br /> reasonable attorney fees and costs from the losing party . <br /> 10 . This agreement may be amended only by written agreemc., t of the parti ;; s <br /> executed in the same formality as this agreement . <br /> 11 . This Agreement shall become effective upon execution by both parties . <br /> 12 . Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to impose liability on the <br /> TRUSTEES for any negligence attributable to the COUNTY , nor to impose liability <br /> on COUNTY for any negligence attributable to the TRUSTEES . <br /> 13 . The COUNTY and the TRUSTEES agree to maintain tort liability insurance <br /> or self- insurance coverage of their respective activities on the facilities for no less <br /> than the maximum amount for which the Legislature waives sovereign <br /> immunity for the State and its agencies , which amount is currently $ 100 , 000 per <br /> claim , and $ 200 , 000 per incident pursuant to Section 768 . 28 Fla . Stat . (2007 ) . <br /> 14 . This Agreement incorporates and includes all prior and contemporaneous <br /> negotiations , correspondence, conversation , agreements , and understanding <br /> applicable to the matters contained herein and the parties agree that there are no <br /> commitments , agreements , or understanding concerning the subject matter of this <br /> Agreement that are not contained in this document . Accordingly , it is agreed that no <br /> deviation from the terms hereof shall be predicated upon any prior or <br /> contemporaneous representations or agreements , whether oral or written . <br /> 15 . If any term or provision of this Agreement or the application thereof to any <br /> person or circumstance shall , to any extent, be held invalid or unenforceable for the <br /> remainder of this Agreement , then the application of such term or provision to <br /> persons or circumstances other thal , those as to which it is geld inva � , . : or <br /> unenforceable shall not be affected , and every other term and provision of this <br /> Agreement shall be deemed valid and enforceable to the extent permitted by law . <br /> 3 <br />